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The University of Minnesota Extension swine team works to bring University research to producers, processors, and consumers to improve the performance, health and welfare of pigs while enhancing economic, environmental and social sustainability of pork production.

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Feeding value and energy prediction of DDGS with variable oil content

The swine nutrition group at the University of Minnesota has been devoted to studying the feeding applications and nutritional value of DDGS for swine for more than 15 years. More

Ample feeder space benefits slow growing pigs in nursery phase

Feeder design and access represents the primary factor that can influence whether pigs consume enough of a nutritionally balanced diet to meet their nutrient needs. More

Volunteers needed to participate in animal manure exposure study

We are seeking the cooperation of people working in application of animal manure in Minnesota to get some information about possible workplace exposure to certain bacteria. More

Immunological castration and ethanol co-products studied to improve pork production

Utilizing alternative feed ingredients allows production systems to remain competitive while helping to keep pork affordable for consumers. More

Group sow housing: Practical considerations

Many factors influence the success of a group housing system. More

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