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Water/Wetlands Project

Wetlands are important! They store water and help prevent flooding. Minnesota originally had 18.6 million acres of wetlands that provided water for birds, fish, and other wildlife. Only half of these wetlands remain. Learn about these ecosystems and how to protect water quality, and the lives that depend on the state's wetlands - including our own.

boys in the woods

To view county or local club events, visit the county website.

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Shooting Sports & Wildlife Leader Certification

Shooting Sports & Wildlife instructors must be certified. This is a weekend training designed to cover the needed knowledge and rules to become a certified instructor in one discipline: Archery, Muzzle loading, Shotgun, Air Rifle/Air Pistol/.22 Rifle, Wildlife and Coordinator. It covers life skills, state regulations, and content skills needed for each of the six disciplines. More info.

Minnesota State Fair

4-H plays a pivotal role in youth development and public education at the Minnesota State Fair. Over 7,000 4-H youth have the opportunity to interact with the public and educate fairgoers through 4-H exhibits, demonstrations, performances, and 4-H promotion. More info.

Traveling Trash Trunks
Three 30-minute lessons focus on the topics of garbage, resource recovery, landfills, and groundwater. Traveling Trash Trunks are filled with curriculum ideas, hands-on activities, books, music, and videos. These interactive, comprehensive lessons are designed for youth ages 5-12. Trash Trunks are loaned out at no charge. Call Ramsey or Washington County to arrange to borrow a Trash Trunk.
Ramsey County: 1-651-266-1194
Washington County: 1-651-430-6655


To get involved with the 4-H Water/Wetlands Project, contact your county 4-H office.

Becky Meyer, Extension educator

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