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Electricity Project

How does electricity work? Build circuits and test voltages. Learn about wiring, lighting, safety issues, and more. Activities may include building a rocket launcher, burglar alarm, flashlight, compass, electromagnet or electric motor.

boy working on electric light bulb and circuit


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Project resources

Level 1 learning goals:

Compare insulator materials; describe effects of magnets; build a compass and electromagnet; build a flashlight and an electric motor.

Level 2 learning goals:

Build circuits; test voltages; build a rocket launcher and a burglar alarm

Level 3 learning goals:

Measure electrical usage; describe how to safely replace an electrical switch; determine electrical loads; evaluate light bulbs; test for electrical power.

Level 4 learning goals:

Describe solid state electronics; differentiate between electric and electronic; identify symbols for electrical parts; differentiate between a resistor and a capacitor; define electrical/electronic terms;

Other online resources

Project leader resources

Record keeping & evaluation


To get involved with the 4-H Electric project, contact your county 4-H office.

Todd Mehrkens,, 612-624-8191

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