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Performing Arts Project

Develop and present stories through acting, mime, movement, puppetry, and technical theater. Learn acting techniques and improvisation, costume and set design, makeup techniques, and technical stage lighting and sound. And if you're musically inclined, write a musical, sing or play an instrument.

kids performing at state fair

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4-H Share the Fun State Fair Showcase

Youth from counties prepare and perform a play, dance, musical, or other act. Each county nominates one group to perform at the State Fair. More info.

Minnesota 4-H State Arts-In

Minnesota 4-H Arts-In is an eight-day intensive arts experience, as they prepare a musical to perform during the Minnesota State Fair. Youth gain experiences in performing arts, including singing, dancing, acting, instrumental accompaniment, costume design, set construction and technical work. Each year, 4-H State Arts-In youth perform at least 40 shows to 12,000 audience members in the 4-H building on the fairgrounds.

Participants continue to work on goals while putting on several daily performances, and play leadership roles for 4-H members and act as representatives for 4-H building visitors. More info.

Minnesota State Fair

4-H plays a pivotal role in youth development and public education at the Minnesota State Fair. More than 7,000 4-H youth have the opportunity to interact with the public and educate fairgoers through 4-H exhibits, demonstrations, performances, and 4-H promotion. More info.

Level 1 learning goals:

Through pantomime, effectively express an idea and communicate a concept w/out the use of words, communicate a message through tone, inflection and body language using "gibberish" and continue a group story by adding narrative.

Level 2 learning goals:

Communicate using body movement to create a simple story through pantomime, use variations in tone of voice and reversing roles.

Level 3 learning goals:

Spontaneously pantomime the actions of a story as it is told, resolve conflict, and enact a flashback memory.

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To get involved with the 4-H Performing Arts Project, contact your county 4-H office.

Jan Derdowski, Extension educator

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