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Ways to give

Whether you choose to support Minnesota 4-H as a whole or donate toward a particular program, we'll take care that your generous gift will be used in the best way possible. There are a number of ways to give.fg

Cash, check or credit card gifts

A gift of cash, either outright or through a multi-year pledge, is an effective way to support Minnesota 4-H. If you itemize your deductions, you can realize tax savings by deducting cash gifts from your taxable income. Give online now or make checks payable to the Minnesota 4-H Foundation and mail to:

Minnesota 4-H Foundation
9 Coffey Hall
1420 Eckles Ave
St. Paul, MN 55108

To make a multi-year pledge or transfer funds electronically, please call us at 1-612-624-7971.

Appreciated stock and securities

Appreciated stocks or securities usually offer better tax advantages than donating cash. Your contribution is figured at the current market value of the stock or security, and by giving stocks directly you can avoid capital gains tax that you would pay if you sold them.


You can save taxes if you make a gift of real property to the Minnesota 4-H Foundation. You are credited with a contribution valued at fair market value of the real estate, which is determined by a real estate appraiser.

CONSULT A PROFESSIONAL ADVISOR: The Minnesota 4-H Foundation does not provide legal or tax advice. Donors should always consult with a professional advisor to determine tax implications prior to making any gift.

Include a bequest in your will or trust stating that a specific asset, certain dollar amount or percentage of your estate will pass to the 4-H Foundation. Leaving a planned gift is simple, flexible and versatile. The best way to learn more is call 1-612-624-7971 and visit with a representative. We're happy to answer questions without any obligation.


Specify a gift to pass to the 4-H Foundation with your estate.

Charitable gift annuity

Support 4-H and receive a steady source of income during your retirement years.

Charitable remainder trust

Receive annual income from assets you gift to a trust you create. After your lifetime, the balance passes to the 4-H Foundation.

Life income gifts

Life income gifts mean you irrevocably assign cash, securities, or other assets to Minnesota 4-H. Those assets are then invested by the Foundation to pay a percentage or fixed amount to you. Charitable gift annuities are a popular form of life income gifts.


The Minnesota 4-H Foundation can receive certain valuable gifts of property or equipment for which we have a use in connection with its mission.

4-H remains one of our state's greatest success stories; forging a partnership between public and private sectors to stimulate and fulfill the potential of youth. Gifts from corporations and businesses support excellence in 4-H programming. If you would like to match your priorities with opportunities to give, please call!

Corporate giving

Outright gifts to support Minnesota 4-H

Event sponsorship

Sponsor special events (golf events, galas, etc.) where the 4-H Foundation is raising funds.


Give products or services that help us with events and programs.

To learn more about how to support Minnesota 4-H in any of these ways, please phone us at 1-612-624-7971.

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