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Hokah Natural Resources and Recreational Sites


Town leadership and U of M design specialists worked to develop the Hokah Recreation and Ecosystem Protection Plan, focusing on unique natural resources & recreational assets. Leaders of Hokah sought a plan to protect their community's scenic recreation and tourism areas after a 2000-year flood in 2007 caused severe damage to Thompson Creek. Hokah is the home of Como Falls, and part of the Historic Bluff Country's Scenic Byway. Almost all of Hokah's planned recreation activities fall within a 100 year floodplain, which means that management programs to reduce flooding will be especially important, if Hokah wants to continue building its recreation and tourism opportunities.



Preliminary meetings included representatives from City Council, City Staff, and the Community Leadership Committee. Initial discussions focused on areas near the pool, ponds, and Como Falls Park. A survey was prepared and distributed, asking citizens to rate/rank the importance of recreational projects that would encourage more people to enjoy the outdoors.

Students and faculty from the Center for Sustainable Building Research at the University of Minnesota College of Design were recruited to conduct a site analysis and prepare a report with recommendations.


A report/presentation was prepared, titled, "The Hokah Recreation and Environmental Protection Plan." This comprehensive plan includes a site analysis, a synthesis of the problems and needs, and detailed recommendations that could simultaneously protect the environment from runoff and erosion, reduce flooding potential, and add to the physical appearance and tourism potential of the area. The plan is available through the SE RSDP Sustainability Library.

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