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Crookston Campus Action Plan for Climate Neutrality and Sustainability


The University of Minnesota Crookston partners with College of Design's Center for Sustainable Building Resources to create at action plan, as part of the U's Climate Commitment.



University of Minnesota, Crookston (UMC) Chancellor, Charles Casey, established a campus-wide Sustainability Committee with various working groups to provide direction to sustainability efforts in the fall of 2008. Meanwhile, UMC students came together in an historic, cohesive way to form the Crookston Students for Sustainable Development (CSSD) which provided an education and action forum which greatly elevated the sustainability awareness of the student body.  The U of MN Center for Sustainable Building Research was engaged in the summer of 2009 to guide the development of this Action Plan and coordinated a series of campus workshops to inform and engage the UMC campus community towards sustainability and the goals and objectives of climate neutrality; a term which previously held little meaning to the campus at large. As in strategic planning, the process of informing, engaging, and empowering participants is as important as the final plan.


This resulting Action Plan for Climate Neutrality and Sustainability is a road map or a long-term strategic plan of sorts with the end goal of achieving climate neutrality* by 2030. The various sustainability strategies and recommendations identified herein will contribute towards achieving that goal. Strategies are categorized into 10 sections in this report but content-wise, contain the essence of the 6 goal areas of the U of MN System wide Sustainability Goals and Outcomes Report of September 2009 (O'Brien and Swackhamer); Leadership and Modeling, Operational Improvements, Energy Efficiency, Research, Education and Outreach, and Communication. For more sustainability news from the Crookston campus visit the Center for Sustainability page.

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