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Most families have one or more family members working. If you or a loved one loses a job, you'll need resources to assess your current situation and try to make the best use of the money you have. Understanding how taxes work and maximizing tax credits is one strategy for saving more of the income you earn throughout the year.

The following resources will help you find options when income changes, and better understand taxes and tax credits.

Dollar Works 2 Worksheets

Spending Plan — Short FormDollar Works 2 Action Page 3-4 — Budgeting can help a bad situation from getting worse. Use this form to track your income and expenses.

Federal Poverty Guidelines (2016)Dollar Works 2 Action Page 3-6 — This easy-to-use chart helps you see if you qualify for any federal or state assistance programs based on your income level and household size. English (35 K PDF) | español (67 K PDF)

Related Resources

Dollar Works 2 — Teach others how to manage their personal finances and make sound decision about money. This comprehensive curriculum has a unit on Understanding a Pay Statement and Taxes.

Taxes 101 Trainings — Training that helps professionals who work with low to moderate-income clients make the most of tax time.

Tax Topic IndexUnited States Department of Internal Revenue Service — Answers to common questions; includes individual and business tax information.

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