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About CYFC

CYFC Scholar in Residence

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Our 2016-17 CYFC Scholar in Residence is Jenifer K. McGuire, Ph.D. Dr. McGuire is an associate professor in the department of family social science at the University of Minnesota. Over year of her residence, she will share important insights on research and community work happening in the trans community.

The Program

The Scholar in Residence Program is a year-long partnership with the Children, Youth & Family Consortium and a University faculty member. This program prioritizes scholars and research topics with relevance to children, youth and families, research approaches that align with CYFC’s ecological, multidisciplinary and community engaged priorities, and potential for the work to include students and other faculty. It fully engages academic scholars with CYFC staff members and the proven programs they have created and executed for many years, including Lessons from the Field and the Children’s Mental Health eReview.

jenifer mcguireThe Scholar

Jenifer K. McGuire, Ph.D. is an internationally known expert for her work in trans youth research. Her research spans three unique domains, including clinic based research with children and adolescents, school-based research with middle and high school aged youth, and family-based research with adolescents and young adults. Dr. McGuire’s knowledge of and collaboration with international scholars in this field will guide and inform combined projects with CYFC.

The Projects

CYFC staff and Dr. McGuire will team up to engage the community in conversations about issues affecting transgender youth. Here’s how we’ll do it:

Through these efforts, we hope to foster a larger conversation around what transgender youth need in order to feel supported in their environments.

The Research

journal of family bookletsThe following are featured articles by Dr. McGuire.

McGuire, J., Anderson, T., & Russell, S. (2010). School climate for transgender youth: A mixed method investigation of student experiences and school responses. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 39(10), 1175–1188.

Journal of family booklet

McGuire, J. K., Kuvalanka, K. A., Catalpa, J. M., & Toomey, R. B. (2016). Transfamily theory: How the presence of trans* family members informs gender development in families. Journal of Family Theory & Review, 8, 60–73

McGuire, J. K., Catalpa, J. M., Lacey, V., & Kuvalanka, K. A. (2016). Ambiguous loss theory: Processes for decentering cisnormativity in families with Trans family members. Journal of Family Theory & Review, 8, 373–385.

body image book cover

McGuire, J. K., Doty, J. L., Catalpa, J. M., & Ola, C. (2016). Body image in transgender young people: Findings from a qualitative, community based study. Body Image, 18, 96–107.

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