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Housing and Equipment

Group sow housing: Practical considerations

Group farrowing and nursery at WCROC

Sorting sows by parity to reduce aggression in group-housing systems

How much space does a sow need in a group-housing system?

Controlling Aggression Among Group-housed Gestating Sows (pdf)

Preparing Swine Barns to Sit Empty (pdf)

Watch Your Change of Season Ventilation by Diane Stouffer (pdf)

Minimize Heat Stress This Summer by Dr. Luiz Souza (pdf)

Prepare your swine barns for winter

Gestating Sow Housing Options and Considerations (pdf)

A Review of Large Group Housing of Grow-Finish Pigs (pdf)

Gestation Housing Options (pdf)

Gestation Housing Systems – How do they affect sow longevity and reproductive performance? (pdf)

Fan Performance and Efficiency for Animal Ventilation Systems

Save Energy in the Farrowing Room with Hovers

Hoop Building Research website (Iowa State University)

Tornado, wind, and flood damaged livestock structures

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