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Breeding and Genetics

Controlling Aggression Among Group-housed Gestating Sows

Culling Sows - Factors to Consider by Dr. John Deen (pdf)

Association between Claw Lesions and Farrowing

Swine Testing and Genetic Evaluation System website

Exploiting Genetics Within Your Herd (North Carolina State University)

The Impact of Genetics on Pork Quality (National Pork Board fact sheet) (pdf)

Reproductive Physiology and Anatomy of the Sow (Purdue University)

Estrus Detection in Farm Animals (pdf)

A Beginner’s Guide to Basic Boar Semen Collection, Evaluation and Processing Procedures (Purdue University)

Breeding (AI) Evaluation Checklist (Purdue University)

Make The Most of Your Gilts With These Management Practices (pdf)

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