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2015 Crop Pest Management Short Course & MCPR Trade Show Proceedings

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Tuesday December 8, 2015

MCPR (Minnesota Crop Production Retailers) plenary session

What will Washington dream up next? (2.3 MB PDF)
Daren Coppock, Agriculture Retailers Association

No GMO or Know GMO: Will agriculture lose significant science to non-science? (7.7 MB PDF)
Robert Saik, The Agri-Trend Group of Companies

Fertilizer situation and 2016 outlook (1.0 MB PDF)
David Asbridge, NPK Fertilizer Advisory Service

Wednesday December 9, 2015

General session crop pest management short course

Turbulent Times: Income trends & production costs (505 K PDF)
Bob Craven, University of Minnesota

Productive Agriculture, Conservation, and Water Quality: Opportunities and challenges (12.1 MB PDF)
Dr. Andrew Sharpley, University of Arkansas

Dealing and Farming with Insect Resistance to Applied Crop Protection Products: A Southern perspective (16.5 MB PDF)
Dr. Jeffrey Gore, Mississippi State University


Insecticide Failures? Let's talk resistance . . . (2.2 MB PDF)
Dr. Ian MacRae, University of Minnesota

Soil Insecticides, Bt traits and Corn Rootworm: Are we coming full circle? (7.9 MB PDF)
Dr. Kenneth Ostlie, University of Minnesota

Cleaning pesticide residue from agricultural spray equipment (3.0 MB PDF)
Dr. Vernon Hofman, North Dakota State University

Soybean pest management in context of insecticide best management practices (BMPs) (2.8 MB PDF)
Dr. Robert Koch, University of Minnesota


High-yield corn systems (4.9 MB PDF)
Dr. Jeff Coulter, University of Minnesota

Global status of herbicide resistant weeds (7.4 MB PDF)
Dr. Ian Heap, Weed Science LLC

High-yielding corn and soybean management (4.5 MB PDF)
Dr. Ignacio Ciampitti, Kansas State University

Timing of nitrogen application in corn to optimize yield and minimize water quality concerns (1.3 MB PDF)
Dr. Edwin Lentz, Ohio State University

Thursday December 10, 2015


Know your micronutrients (4.4 MB PDF)
Dr. Daniel Kaiser, University of Minnesota

Nitrates in drainage water in Minnesota (2.4 MB PDF)
Brad Carlson, University of Minnesota

Mineralization of soil nitrogen as a component for economically and environmentally sustainable crop production (4.3 MB PDF)
Dr. Fabián G. Fernández, University of Minnesota


Management of soybean cyst nematode (SCN) in 21st century agriculture (1.1 MB PDF)
Dr. George Bird, Michigan State University

Winter oilseeds as "cash" cover crops for sustainable crop production (3.9 MB PDF)
Dr. Russ Gesch, USDA-ARS, Morris, MN

Herbicide-Resistant Weeds: Reliance on herbicide technologies alone won't manage the problem (5.9 MB PDF)
Dr. Jeffrey Gunsolus, University of Minnesota


Grain market outlook for 2016 (3.3 MB PDF)
Dr. Edward Usset, University of Minnesota

Climate Change and Variability in the Midwest: Trends and tools (2.8 MB PDF)
Dr. Jim Angel, University of Illinois

Foundations for understanding and managing brown stem rot and sudden death syndrome in soybean (2.1 MB PDF)
Dr. Dean Malvick, University of Minnesota


Evaluation of soil health tests (524 K PDF)
Dr. Deborah Allan, University of Minnesota

What Lies Beneath: Measuring and managing soil moisture (13.2 MB PDF)
Joshua Stamper, University of Minnesota

Nitrates in groundwater: Well testing results and the nitrogen fertilizer rule (3.0 MB PDF)
Dan Stoddard, Minnesota Department of Agriculture

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