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4-H at the Minnesota State Fair

August 27 to Labor Day, September 7, 2015

Showing their projects at the state fair gives Minnesota 4-H youth a chance to showcase their accomplishments and continue learning.
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What happens at the fair?

4-H at the Minnesota State Fair is not just a fun annual event. Every summer, thousands of 4-H youth participate in the state fair to showcase the knowledge and skills they've gained throughout the year, and to continue their learning experiences.

4-H youth spend months working on projects designed to equip them with essential life skills such as problem solving, decision making, project management, communications and public speaking. 4-H'ers then share their accomplishments and educate the public about their subject at their local county fair. Those who demonstrate the highest achievements are then selected to participate in 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair!

At both county and state fairs, 4-H'ers meet one-on-one with experts to have their projects evaluated, discuss what they've learned, and identify future learning opportunities. 4-H'ers also lead visitors on tours of the 4-H Building and barns, and conduct workshops and hands-on demonstrations for the public.

4-H at the Minnesota State Fair not only makes great memories, it helps 4-H youth grow into successful adults.

Daily highlights

Monday, August 25

* 8:30 a.m., Project judging: Cats, Exploring the Environment, Flower Gardening, Food Preservation, Food Review, Needle Arts, Potato, Shooting Sports & Wildlife Management, Shop & Wood Science, Veterinary Science, Water & Wetlands, Youth Leadership -- 4-H Building
* 10-11 a.m., Fashion Review educational program -- 4-H Building
* 11:30 a.m., Arts-In performance -- 4-H Building
* 12 p.m., Project judging: Child & Family Development, Citizenship, Crop Science (Corn), Dog, Electric, Fishing Sports, Food & Nutrition, Geospatial, Home Environment, Indoor Gardening, Pets, Self Determined, Fruit & Vegetable Gardening -- 4-H Building
* 12:45-3 p.m., Fashion Review judging -- 4-H Building
* 5 p.m., Arts-In performance -- 4-H Building or Watch it live online
* 5:30 p.m.: Project judging: Bicycle, Consumer Education, Creative Arts: Crafts & Fine Arts, Exploring Animals, Global Connections, Lawn & Landscape, Plant & Soil Science, Crop Science (Small Grains & Legumes), Wildlife Biology -- 4-H Building
* 6:30 p.m., Share the Fun Performance -- 4-H Building
* 6:30 p.m., Fashion Review Show -- 4-H Building
* 8 p.m., Arts-In performance -- 4-H Building

Tuesday, August 30

* 8:30 a.m., Project judging: Aerospace, Clothing: Clothes You Make & Clothes You Buy, Community Pride, Health, Quilting, Robotics, Small Engines, Tractor -- 4-H Building
* 11:30 a.m., Arts-In performance -- 4-H Building
* 3:30 p.m., Arts-In performance -- 4-H Building
* 5 p.m., Arts-In performance -- 4-H Building
* 5:30 p.m., Project judging: Computer, Entomology, Forest Resources, Geology, Performing Arts, Photography, Safety, Video -- 4-H Building
* 8 p.m., Arts-In performance -- 4-H Building

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State fair by the numbers

Last year, 5,656 4-H'ers:
  • Exhibited 2,673 projects in the 4-H Building
  • Showed 2,862 livestock
  • 299 took part in Arts-In performances
  • Served (and ate!) more than 32,000 meals

One in five people who attend the state fair visit the 4-H Building -- that's more than 320,000 in 12 days!


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