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Volunteering with 4-H

Why volunteer with Minnesota 4-H?

4-H is unique

  • Our methods are based on research
  • We teach youth to learn-by-doing
  • Volunteers receive training
  • Youth learn how to solve problems, make decisions and communicate ideas
  • We are the largest youth organization in Minnesota

Benefits of a volunteer

  • Teach young people in an area of personal passion
  • Feel pride in making a big impact in the lives of others -- both youth and adults
  • Develop or refine your skills
  • Understand your community better
  • Make a positive difference
  • Receive training

Ways to volunteer

  • assist at an event
  • teach a topic you enjoy
  • chaperone
  • lead a project or club
  • judge at an event
  • encourage youth leadership
  • lead a club or project area

Two ways to get started


How do I apply?

Who can volunteer?

We welcome adults and youth to volunteer with 4-H. Adults who wish to be a Minnesota 4-H volunteer need to apply; the steps are below. If you're a young person between Kindergarten and one year past high school, please sign up in 4-H to begin your volunteer experience.

BEFORE YOU START: Read our short guide

STEP A: Application

Select one of the following options:

Karen language volunteer application form
        (Karen language volunteer application form)

NOTE: An ORIGINAL INK SIGNATURE is legally required on all applications. Electronic signatures cannot be accepted.

STEP B: Background check

Select one of the following options:

STEP C: (See the) orientation

IMPORTANT: Submit an orientation reporting form, which notifies staff that you have completed this step.


Find county staff contact information


Renewing your volunteer service

NEW FOR 2017-2018:

  • Volunteers only need to renew once every 3 years.

  • Renewal includes:
    1) Re-enrolling
    2) Safety of Minors training

Things to Note:

  • Emails or letters were sent to volunteers in September 2017 to let you know if you needed to renew or not.
  • Enrollment opened September 16, 2017.
  • Volunteers must have completed the 2 steps of renewal before serving.

Who needs to renew?

  • Volunteers who took the Safety of Minors training PRIOR to the 2016-2017 program year, which was September 14, 2016 through September 13, 2017.

How do I know if I need to renew?

  • Your status in 4HOnline is Inactive or Pending. Contact your county staff for questions or assistance.

What if I was a newly screened volunteer in 2016-2017?

  • You were renewed automatically by Regional Support Staff.
  • Your orientation included the Safety of Minors training.
  • Your status in 4HOnline should be Active.

How do I renew?

Safety of Minors training links

What if I'm not screened?

  • New volunteers need to complete the application process. Follow this link and select the "Become a Volunteer" tab.

Receive Training

Volunteer training is offered on a variety of topics during the year. Volunteers are equipped with skills and knowledge to guide youth in their development.


Training opportunities

Resources for volunteers

Minnesota 4-H is committed to providing you the tools you need to excel as a volunteer in these roles:

Cloverbud volunteer

The 4-H Cloverbud volunteer leader guide has been designed specifically to support volunteers leading a program or club for Cloverbuds. 

Leading a club

Project area volunteer

Our curriculum committees have chosen the best resources from Minnesota, other states, and national 4-H curricula. These are all available on the project pages, and can be accessed from our project selection guide.

Mentors for independent 4-H members

These tools will answer questions you may have about this role.

These tools will guide your work with an independent member(s).

If there are several mentors in your county, you may be connected to an independent membership county volunteer coordinator. The local county Extension office will also serve as a resource to you.

Diversity and inclusion resources

We each have different experiences, backgrounds, values and beliefs that make us who we are. These resources can help volunteers integrate positive youth development with diversity and inclusion practices. Learn how these can be applied to the 4-H programs we serve.


The Extension Center for Youth Development conducts and shares out-of-school time research and evaluation. This is used to address important issues related to the field of youth development.
See all youth development research.

Awards and recognition

National 4-H Salute to Excellence Award

Health information for adult volunteers

Health information is required for individuals who travel out of county as a Minnesota 4-H volunteer. This information should be entered directly into the volunteer profile in 4HOnline. Information about logging in to 4HOnline can be found here. If accessing 4HOnline is not an option, the health information page of the volunteer re-enrollment form should be used.


Keeping youth safe: Risk management expectations for 4-H volunteers

Minnesota 4-H is committed to providing safe and healthy environments for youth and adults who participate in 4-H programs and activities. 4-H volunteers have a critical role in this!

The tools and resources in this section will provide:
  • The overall risk management policies and practices that can help volunteers to understand their role in managing risk.
  • A program planning tool plan to assess risk before programs occur.
  • A series of information sheets that provide additional risk management details.
Get started!

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