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Last NameFirst NameClass DescriptionOpt1Opt2CountyPlacing
4-H Club Happy Hillside Club Banner  Becker 
Aaberg Dexter Class 4 - Market Gilts (264-273 lbs.)  Otter Tail - WestRD
Aanerud Micah Aerospace-Gr. 6-8Rockets with trifold GrantBL
Aanerud Rebekah Photography Elements-Gr. 9+Black & White picture of baby GrantBL
Aanerud Savannah Non Garment Clothing Exh-Gr. 9+Yellow & gray purse GrantBL
Aarsvold Lafe Video-Gr. 6-8McDonalds video WabashaBL
Aarsvold Lafe Lamb Lead Intermediate - Group 2none WabashaPA
Aarsvold Lafe Class 9 - White Face Market Lamb (138-164 lbs.)  WabashaBL
Aarsvold Lafe Class 1 - Market Lamb Intermediate Showmanship (a)  WabashaPA
Aarsvold Nick Class 16 - Middleweight Black Face Market Lamb (147-149 lbs.  WabashaRD
Aarsvold Nick Class 7 - Market Lamb Senior Showmanship (a)  WabashaPA
Aarsvold Nick Photography Elements-Gr. 9+photo of sunglasses on grass WabashaBL
Aase Parker Chickens-Market Pen [Class 1]  SteelePR
Aasen Donald Food Preservation-Gr. 6-8Pickles PineWH
Aasness Kenzie Holstein-Grade-Spring Jr Yearling  Otter Tail - WestRD
Aasness Krista Holstein-Grade-Fall Calf  Otter Tail - WestRD
Abarr Madison Class 12 - Lightweight Black Face Market Lamb (129-135 lbs.)  ClayBL
Abarr Madison Class 8 - Market Lamb Senior Showmanship (b)  ClayPA
Abbas Kristina County Arts In  RamseyPA
Abdikadir Roodo 4-H New Ways  Hennepin 
Abdikadir Roodo Video-Gr. 9+Franklin Library 4-HCommunity Project HennepinBL
Abdul Rashid Amanina Youth in Action-Individual  OlmstedBL
Abels Michaela Geology-Gr. 6-8Poster Board RockBL
Abrahamson Timothy Holstein-Registered-Dry Cow  ChisagoBL
Ackerman Jacob Holstein-Registered-Winter Calf  BentonBL
Ackerman Nicole Photography Elements-Gr. 6-8Jellyfish Picture BentonBL
Adamski Rose Veterinary Science-Gr. 9+Tumors Poster RenvilleBL
Addy Jace Rube Goldberg Contest  NicolletBL
Adermann Austin Class 11 - Cow/Calf Senior Showmanship (a)  Crow WingPA
Adermann Austin Prospect Calf-Steer [Class A]  Crow WingBL
Adkins Matthew Toggenburg Purebred or American-Milking 3 & 4 Yr Doe  ScottBL
Adkins Michael Toggenburg Purebred or American-Milking Yearling DoeReserve Champion Toggenburg Senior Doe ScottRC
Adkins Rebekah Nubian Purebred or American-Milking 2 Yr DoeChampion Nubian Senior Doe ScottCH
Adrian Bryce Class 10 - Speckle Face Market LambChampion Speckled Face Market Lamb CottonwoodCH
Adrian Bryce Class 2 - Market Lamb Intermediate Showmanship (b)  CottonwoodPA
Adrian Melanie Class 16 - Middleweight Black Face Market Lamb (147-149 lbs.  CottonwoodPR
Adrian Melanie Class 11 - Market Lamb Advanced Showmanship (a)Reserve Champion Advanced Market Lamb Showmanship CottonwoodRC
Aga Jack Holland Lop-Senior Buck  AnokaRD
Aga Jack Computer-Gr. 6-8Album about computer website 12 X 12 AnokaRD
Aggen Garrett Class 14 - Middleweight Crossbred Barrow (261-266 lbs.)  FillmoreBL
Aggen Hunter Reg Foundation Simmental-Jr Yrlg [Class B]  FillmorePR
Aggen Hunter Class 21 - Breeding Beef Senior Showmanship (a)  FillmorePA
Ahmed Arafat 4-H New Ways  Hennepin 
Ahmed Leensa 4-H New Ways  Hennepin 
Ahner Tia Foods And Nutrition-Gr. 6-8Spaghetti Hot dish GrantRD
Ahrndt Brianna Recorded Grade-Sr Doe Kid  SwiftBL
Ahrndt Dylan Saanen Purebred or American-Sr Doe Kid  SwiftRD
Albers Courtney Class 9 - Market Lamb Senior Showmanship (c)  RicePA
Albers Courtney Class 14 - Middleweight Black Face Market Lamb (141-143 lbs.  RicePR
Albers Ian Poultry BBQ Contest  Carver 
Albers Ian Chickens-Breeding Pen [Class 1]  CarverBL
Albers Ian Fine Arts-Gr. 9+Batik CarverPR
Albers Ian County Arts In  CarverPA
Albert Reilly Shop - Primarily Wood-Gr. 9+Spool Chair St. Louis - SouthBL
Albino Acres Club Banner  WrightBL
Alden Lynnia Fine Arts-Gr. 9+Drawing of a Maze ChisagoPR
Alexander Margaret Video-Gr. 9+a short film FillmoreBL
Alger Kiara Dog-Gr. 6-8Austrialian Shepard Poster ItascaBL
Alger Moriah Fashion Rev-Clothes U Make-Gr. 6-8Green Shirt with Demin Skirt ItascaHM
Allas Emily Citizenship-Gr. 9+POSTER 3 RING BINDER FLAG PROJECT MowerBL
Allen Aiden LS Demonstration-Team-Livestock Weekend  OlmstedBL
Allen Aiden Self-Determined-Gr.9+tri-fold w/three replica weapons OlmstedBL
Allen Kristina LS Demonstration-Team-Livestock Weekend  OlmstedBL
Allen Matthew Class 22 - Breeding Beef Senior Showmanship (b)  OlmstedPA
Allen Matthew Reg Maine Anjou-Jr Yrlg [Class A]  OlmstedPR
Allen Owen Class 21 - Division 3 Crossbred & Other Breeds Steer (a)  OlmstedRD
Allen Owen Class 1 - Market Beef Intermediate Showmanship (a)  OlmstedPA
Allen Rachael Class 11 - Lightweight Crossbred Barrow (246-250 lbs.)  MowerBL
Allessi Caroline Performing Arts-Gr. 9+Performance & Scrapbook WashingtonPR
Allessi Mary Share The Fun  WashingtonPA
Allison Sara Foods And Nutrition-Gr. 6-8BANANA BREAD FreebornBL
Almen Ashley Share The Fun  Rice 
Almen Ashley Pigeons-Fancy-Breeding Pair  RiceBL
Altenburg Emily Class 24 - Breeding Beef Senior Showmanship (d)  SibleyPA
Altenburg Emily Reg Black Angus-Jr Yrlg [Class B]  SibleyPR
Altenburg Stephanie Reg Black Angus-Cow/CalfChampion Black Angus Cow/Calf Pair SibleyRC
Altenburg Stephanie Class 9 - Cow/Calf Intermediate Showmanship (a)  SibleyPA
Altenburg Stephanie Fashion Rev-Clothes U Make-Gr. 6-8  SibleyPR
Altendorf John Class 5 - Registered Yorkshire Barrow (225-261 lbs.)  GoodhueBL
Altendorf Nathan Class 5 - Market Gilts (275-286 lbs.)  GoodhuePR
Alto John Shop - Primarily Metal-Gr. 6-8  Blue EarthBL
Alto Katie Fine Arts-Gr. 9+Cherry Blossom Blue EarthBL
Amick Tyler Poultry BBQ Contest  Mower 
Amick Tyler Chickens-Breeding Pen [Class 2]  MowerRD
Amor 4-H Club Club Banner  Otter Tail - WestRD
Andersen Cody Class 6 - Market Gilts (287-305 lbs.)  McLeodRD
Andersen Emily Holstein-Registered-3 Year Old Cow  McLeodBL
Andersen Parker Bicycle-Gr. 9+Project Binder CarverBL
Andersen Riley Wildlife Biology-Gr. 6-8Trifold Display Board CarverBL
Andersen Riley Share The Fun  CarverPA
Anderson Adriana Clothes You Make-Gr. 9+Blue Little Mermaid Dress AnokaBL
Anderson Alex Class 3 - Registered Hampshire Barrow (220-282 lbs.)Champion Hampshire Barrow WashingtonCH
Anderson Alexis Class 10 - Speckle Face Market Lamb  MowerBL
Anderson Allison Needle Arts-Gr. 6-8Seashell Dioly Yellow MedicinePR
Anderson Amanda Fashion Rev-Clothes U Buy-Gr. 9+Coral color prom dress SibleyPA
Anderson Amanda Alpine-Dry Yrlg Doe  SibleyRD
Anderson Amy Poultry BBQ Contest  Isanti 
Anderson Amy Ducks-Breeding Pen [Class 1]  IsantiBL
Anderson Axel Small Engines-Gr. 6-8Small engine - built ATV - Go Cart GrantWH
Anderson Bailey Class 15 - Middleweight Black Face Market Lamb (144-146 lbs.  MowerBL
Anderson Bethany Class 7 - Middleweight Market Wethers (75-85 lbs.)  NicolletRD
Anderson Bethany Market Goat Showmanship - Advanced  NicolletRD
Anderson Blaine Class 2 - Market Gilts (240-253 lbs.)  MowerPR
Anderson Callie County Arts In  AnokaPA
Anderson Chloe Class 15 - Middleweight Black Face Market Lamb (144-146 lbs.  MowerBL
Anderson Christa Photography Elements-Gr. 9+Picture of Girl and Horse In Barn PenningtonBL
Anderson Emma Fashion Rev-Clothes U Buy-Gr. 6-8Capris, Shirt, Scarf Outfit, Board & Scrapbook PenningtonPA
Anderson Ethan Class D - Reg Hampshire-January Gilt  KanabecPR
Anderson Hannah Quilting-Gr. 9+Purple & Gold Full Size Quilt SherburneBL
Anderson Hannah Share The Fun  SherburnePA
Anderson Irene Fashion Rev-Clothes U Buy-Gr. 9+Red Tank Top and Blue & White Maxi Skirt RedwoodPR
Anderson Irene Mini Rex-Senior Doe  RedwoodBL
Anderson Jacob Class M - Crossbred-January Gilt  NicolletPR
Anderson Jacob Class 11 - Lightweight Crossbred Barrow (246-250 lbs.)  WashingtonRD
Anderson Jake Class 10 - Market Lamb Senior Showmanship (d)  StevensPA
Anderson Jake Class 12 - Lightweight Black Face Market Lamb (129-135 lbs.)  StevensBL
Anderson Jake Plant And Soil Science-Gr. 9+Soil Testing Display Board & Book StevensBL
Anderson Jimmy Aerospace-Gr. 6-8model rocket GoodhueBL
Anderson Jordyn Exploring The Environment-Gr. 6-8radon presentation WabashaBL
Anderson Joseph Computer-Gr. 6-8Computer Poster Describing Motherboard WrightBL
Anderson Joshua Lawn And Landscape Design-Gr. 6-8Map & Photo MeekerBL
Anderson Kelsi Market Rabbit-Single FryerReserve Champion Single Fryer Otter Tail - EastRC
Anderson Kelsi Market Rabbit - Single Fryer - CarcassReserve Champion Single Fryer Otter Tail - EastBL
Anderson Kennadie Class B - Reg Duroc-February Gilt  KanabecBL
Anderson Kirsten Class 5 - Registered Yorkshire Barrow (225-261 lbs.)  GoodhueBL
Anderson Lauren Class 12 - Cow/Calf Senior Showmanship (b)  BrownPA
Anderson Lauren Reg Black Angus-Cow/Calf  BrownRD
Anderson Lauren Performing Arts-Gr. 9+Performing Arts Otter Tail - EastBL
Anderson Levi Class 14 - Market Heifer (c)  MowerBL
Anderson Levi Class 6 - Market Beef Senior Showmanship (c)  Mower 
Anderson Logan Fishing Sports-Gr. 6-8Fishing Equipment & Lures WatonwanBL
Anderson Mahala Shop - Primarily Wood-Gr. 6-8Adirondack chair-select pine stained in red oak OlmstedBL
Anderson Malory Class 13 - Lightweight Black Face Market Lamb (136-140 lbs.)  StevensBL
Anderson Mariah Class 3 - Market Beef Intermediate Showmanship (c)  PopePA
Anderson Mariah Class 16 - Division 1 Crossbred & Other Breeds Steer (b)  PopeBL
Anderson Marisa Californian-Senior Doe  WilkinBL
Anderson Marisa Rabbit Judging-Senior  WilkinPA
Anderson Maxwell Class B - Reg Duroc-February Gilt  KanabecRD
Anderson Miette Electric-Gr. 6-8Charging station lamp Blue J Box w/stained glass bulb & plas OlmstedBL
Anderson Mitchell Home Environment-Gr. 9+Shotgun Shell Lights WrightBL
Anderson Nathan Club Community PridePoster-Club Community Pride McLeodBL
Anderson Noah Club Community PrideRefuge Rangers white w green letters SherburneBL
Anderson Noah Oberhasli-Dry Yrlg Doe  Otter Tail - WestBL
Anderson Paige Class 11 - Market Lamb Advanced Showmanship (a)  JacksonPA
Anderson Paige Class 12 - Lightweight Black Face Market Lamb (129-135 lbs.)  JacksonBL
Anderson Paige Veterinary Science-Gr. 9+Rabies Board JacksonBL
Anderson Robyn Mini Rex-Senior Buck  IsantiBL
Anderson Ross Reg Foundation Simmental-Jr Yrlg [Class B]  WinonaPR
Anderson Ross Class 29 - Breeding Beef Senior Showmanship (i)  WinonaPA
Anderson Sierra Veterinary Science-Gr. 6-8Heartworm Exhibit Mille Lacs 
Anderson Vincent Class 15 - Middleweight Crossbred Barrow (267-270 lbs.)  WashingtonRD
Anderson Zachary Recorded Grade-Sr Doe Kid  Otter Tail - WestBL
Anderson Zoey Share The Fun  WashingtonPA
Anderson Zoey Quilting-Gr. 9+Aqua/Brown Quilt WashingtonBL
Andol Laurel Shooting Sports-Gr. 6-83D Display ChippewaRD
Andree Catrina Photography-Creative/Applied-Gr. 6-8ST LOUIS ARCH MowerBL
Andree Catrina Poultry Judging Contest - Intermediate  Mower 
Andree Catrina Ducks-Breeding Pen [Class 2]  MowerBL
Andree Catrina Poultry BBQ Contest  Mower 
Andrews Paige County Arts In  SherburnePA
Andringa Lukas Photography Elements-Gr. 6-8  PolkBL
Anez Harley Entomology-Gr. 6-8Poster on Variegated Cutworms KandiyohiBL
Anez Harley Share The Fun  Kandiyohi 
Anez Jonas Share The Fun  Kandiyohi 
Anez Sullivan Share The Fun  Kandiyohi 
Anez Robinson Faith Fashion Rev-Clothes U Buy-Gr. 6-8Cream Bodice, blue spandex pants MorrisonPA
Angellar Harmony Pet-Gr. 6-8Changing with Chicken Poster RamseyBL
Angstman Brett Small Engines-Gr. 6-8Engine w/poster KanabecRD
Ankrum Hayden Class 6 - Registered Shorthorn Plus Steer (a)  MurrayPR
Annexstad Emily Holstein-Grade-Winter CalfChampion Total Merit Grade Holstein Heifer NicolletBL
Annexstad Emily Dairy Judging-Senior  NicolletPA
Annexstad Emily Home Environment-Gr. 9+Old window frame with photos NicolletBL
Annexstad Emily LS Demonstration-Individual-Livestock Weekend  NicolletBL
Annexstad Leif Foods And Nutrition-Gr. 6-8Streusel Blueberry Buckle NicolletBL
Annexstad Leif Dairy Judging-Senior  NicolletPA
Annexstad Leif Holstein-Grade-Fall Calf  NicolletBL
Annexstad Matthias Holstein-Grade-Junior 2 Year Old  NicolletBL
Annexstad Matthias Dairy Judging-Senior  NicolletPA
Annexstad Matthias Foods And Nutrition-Gr. 6-8Monkey Bread NicolletBL
Anoka Caitlynn 4-H New Ways  Hennepin 
Anoka Kayleigh 4-H New Ways  Hennepin 
Arends Emily Foods And Nutrition-Gr. 6-8Lemon Bars HennepinBL
Arens Matthew Food Review-Gr. 9+Farm Fresh Meal Otter Tail - EastBL
Arens Matthew Demonstration-Individual  Otter Tail - East 
Arens Megan Club Community PrideClub Community Pride for Country Bumpkins 4-H Club Otter Tail - EastPR
Arett Blake Class 13 - Market Heifer (b)  SteeleRD
Arett Blake Class 4 - Market Beef Senior Showmanship (a)  Steele 
Arett Ethan Class 5 - Registered Maine Anjou Steer (b)  SteeleRD
Arndt Adia County Arts In  AnokaPA
Arndt Jenny Electric-Gr. 9+Lamp with Electric Meter Le SueurBL
Arndt Jenny Market Goat Showmanship - Senior  Le SueurRD
Arndt Jenny Class 7 - Middleweight Market Wethers (75-85 lbs.)  Le SueurRD
Arndt Madison Demonstration-Individual  AnokaBL
Arndt Madison Fishing Sports-Gr. 6-8Fly Fishing Pole AnokaBL
Arndt Madison County Arts In  AnokaPA
Arndt Reece County Arts In  AnokaPA
Arnsdorf Tyler Reg Suffolk-Yearling Ewe  IsantiBL
Arp Kayla Chickens-Market Pen [Class 2]  JacksonRD
Arthur Lauren Class 17 - Heavyweight Black Face Market Lamb (150-155 lbs.)  SteelePR
Arthur Lauren Class 3 - Market Lamb Intermediate Showmanship (c)Champion Intermediate Market Lamb Showmanship SteeleCH
Arthur Riley Class 7 - Market Lamb Senior Showmanship (a)Champion Senior Market Lamb Showmanship SteeleCH
Arthur Riley Class 15 - Middleweight Black Face Market Lamb (144-146 lbs.  SteelePR
Arthur Riley LS Demonstration-Individual-Livestock Weekend  SteeleRD
Ascheman Ryan Class 19 - Division 2 Crossbred & Other Breeds Steer (b)  StevensBL
Ascheman Ryan Class 4 - Market Beef Senior Showmanship (a)  StevensPA
Ash Dylan Milking Shorthorn-Calf  Mille LacsPR
Askeland Aaron Class 29 - Breeding Beef Senior Showmanship (i)  Watonwan 
Askeland Aaron Reg Purebred Simmental-Sr Yrlg  WatonwanRD
Askeland Aaron Shop - Primarily Wood-Gr. 9+Dog House WatonwanBL
Athey Kaylee Class 3 - Heavyweight Dairy Market Goats (88-103 lbs.)Reserve Champion Heavyweight Dairy Market Goat Big StoneRC
Athey Kaylee Market Goat Showmanship - Intermediate  Big StoneRD
Aufforth Rylee Class O - Crossbred- (late) February Gilt  ClearwaterPR
Augustin Austin Class 6 - Market Gilts (287-305 lbs.)  BrownBL
B.E.E.S Club BannerTurquoise Busy BEES Banner StevensBL
Babcock Beau Fishing Sports-Gr. 6-8Tri-fold Display AnokaBL
Babcock Layla Share The Fun  RicePA
Babcock Sydnee Share The Fun  RicePA
Bach Dylan Quilting-Gr. 6-8Ducks in Brown Lac Qui ParleBL
Bach Dylan Satin-Junior Doe  Lac Qui ParleBL
Bach Joseph Commercial Black Face-Yearling Ewe  Lac Qui ParleRD
Bach Joseph Class 23 - Breeding Ewe Senior Showmanship (a)  Lac Qui ParlePA
Bach Joseph Shop - Primarily Wood-Gr. 9+Adirondack Chair Lac Qui ParleBL
Bachenberg Abigail Performing Arts-Gr. 6-8Piano Solo MartinWH
Bachenberg Abigail Chickens-Egg Prod-Brown Eggs [Class 1]Reserve Champion Intermediate Poultry Showperson MartinBL
Bachenberg Magdelyn Chickens-Egg Prod-White Eggs [Class 1]  MartinBL
Bachenberg Magdelyn Poultry BBQ Contest  Martin 
Bachenberg Magdelyn Poultry Judging Contest - Senior  Martin 
Bachman Markus Other Large Breed Purebred-Senior Buck  HennepinBL
Backowski Gianna Crossbred & Other Br-Fall Calf  DouglasPR
Backowski Katherine Holstein-Grade-Fall Calf  DouglasRD
Backstrom AnnMarie Demonstration-Individual  GoodhueBL
Backstrom AnnMarie Video-Gr. 9+Election of 1952 DVD GoodhueBL
Backstrom AnnMarie County Arts In  GoodhuePA
Baden Amanda County Arts In  RamseyPA
Badinger Megan Photography Elements-Gr. 9+Grandfather Marching for VFW Otter Tail - EastBL
Badinger Megan LS Demonstration-Individual-Livestock Weekend  Otter Tail - EastBL
Badinger Megan Rabbit Judging-Senior  Otter Tail - East 
Badinger Megan Rabbit-Promotional Poster-Gr. 9+  Otter Tail - East 
Badinger Megan Mini Satin-Senior DoeChampion Mini Satin Otter Tail - EastCH
Baggenstoss Alayna Performing Arts-Gr. 9+Vocal - See You Again - Carrie Underwood MeekerPR
Bagniewski Katy Performing Arts-Gr. 9+singing/guitar - The Parting Glass OlmstedPR
Bagniewski Katy Class 17 - Heavyweight Black Face Market Lamb (150-155 lbs.)  OlmstedPR
Bagniewski Katy Class 13 - Market Lamb Advanced Showmanship (c)  OlmstedPA
Bain Evan Ayrshire-3 and 4 Year Old  WinonaBL
Baker Andrew Jersey-3 and 4 Year Old  Le SueurBL
Baker Bennet Jersey-2 Year Old  Le SueurRD
Baker Brianna Reg Purebred Simmental-Jr Yrlg [Class C]  Le SueurBL
Baker Brianna Class 23 - Breeding Beef Senior Showmanship (c)  Le SueurPA
Baker Bridget Holstein-Registered-Winter Calf  Le SueurRD
Baker Joshua Class P - Crossbred-March Gilt  Le SueurBL
Baker Kallie Holstein-Grade-4 Year Old Cow  WabashaBL
Baker Kole Class 22 - Breeding Beef Senior Showmanship (b)  Le SueurPA
Baker Kole Reg Purebred Simmental-Jr Yrlg [Class A]  Le SueurBL
Baker Paige Class 27 - Breeding Ewe Advanced Showmanship (a)  RockPA
Baker Paige Class 2 - Wether Dam - Black Face - Feb Ewe Lamb  RockPR
Baker Riley Class 6 - Wether Dam - White & Spkl Face - Feb Ewe Lamb  RockPR
Baker Riley Class 24 - Breeding Ewe Senior Showmanship (b)  RockPA
Baker Ryanne Brown Swiss-Winter CalfRes Champion Total Merit Brown Swiss Heifer WabashaBL
Baker Ryanne LS Demonstration-Individual-Livestock Weekend  WabashaRD
Bakke Damen Reg Foundation Simmental-Fall Calf  ClearwaterBL
Bakke Damen Class 15 - Breeding Beef Intermediate Showmanship (b)  ClearwaterPA
Bakke Savannah Safety-Gr. 6-8Summer at the Lake (Safety) First Aid Kit ClearwaterRD
Balbach Joshua Photography Elements-Gr. 9+Astronomy on the Dock Le SueurBL
Balbach Sena Fine Arts-Gr. 9+Pencil drawing of wolf Le SueurBL
Baldwin Jacob Fine Arts-Gr. 9+Dragon Drawing - Blue and Orange St. Louis - SouthBL
Baldwin Kallie Pet-Gr. 9+Domestic Foxes Poster Board St. Louis - SouthBL
Baldwin Laura Clothes You Buy-Gr. 6-8Jean Shorts & 3/4 Sleeve Top Lac Qui ParleBL
Ball Abigail County Arts In  AnokaPA
Ball Samuel Self-Determined-Gr. 6-8Chess Board AnokaRD
Ballstadt Kayla Share The Fun  Rice 
Ballstadt Kayla Mini Lop-Senior Buck  RiceBL
Balmanno Hayley County Arts In  SherburnePA
Balmanno Hayley Exploring The Environment-Gr. 9+Trifold Board About Fireworks Sherburne 
Balmanno Julia County Arts In  SherburnePA
Balmanno Julia Share The Fun  SherburnePA
Balmanno William (Nick) Share The Fun  SherburnePA
Balmanno William (Nick) Citizenship-Gr. 6-8Elk River Days SherburneBL
Balstad Grant Class 20 - Heavyweight Crossbred Barrow (289-351 lbs.)  PolkRD
Balstad Sydney Small Gr & Legumes-Gr. 9+Wheat/2 Quart Jar PolkBL
Barbknecht Emily Fashion Rev-Clothes U Make-Gr. 6-8  WasecaPA
Barczak Claire Veterinary Science-Gr. 9+Doxycyline Research Project Hennepin 
Barczak Evelyn Photography Elements-Gr. 6-8Farm baby portrait peering out HennepinBL
Bargfrede Dominic Class 3 - Registered Hampshire Barrow (220-282 lbs.)  JacksonBL
Bargfrede Zachary Class 9 - Lightweight Crossbred Barrow (191-238 lbs.)  JacksonPR
Barka Emily Needle Arts-Gr. 9+Fuchsia & Pink Tatted Doily Framed KanabecPR
Barka Natalie Needle Arts-Gr. 6-8Embroidered Snowman with sashing frame MeekerBL
Barka Victoria Class 23 - Breeding Beef Senior Showmanship (c)  MeekerPA
Barka Victoria Reg Maine Anjou-Jr Yrlg [Class A]  MeekerRD
Barker Aaron (Brady) Ducks-Breeding Pen [Class 1]  StearnsWH
Barker Aaron (Brady) Electric-Gr. 9+Jacobs Ladder StearnsPR
Barker Jenna LS Demonstration-Individual-Livestock Weekend  StearnsPR
Barker Jenna Chickens- Bantam Breeding Pen [Class 1]Champion Bantam Breeding Chickens StearnsCH
Barker Jenna Poultry-Promotional Poster-Gr. 6-8  Stearns 
Barker Jenna Poultry Judging Contest - Intermediate  Stearns 
Barker Jordon Pigeons-Flying-Breeding Pair  StearnsBL
Barnard Jordan Cat-Gr. 9+High Blood Pressure in Cats WashingtonPR
Barnard Jordan County Arts In  WashingtonPA
Barnard Skylar County Arts In  WashingtonPA
Barnard Skylar Exploring Animals-Gr. 6-8Humpback Whales WashingtonBL
Barnes Aidan Engineering Design-Gr. 6-8Bridge Building SherburneBL
Barnes Aidan Share The Fun  SherburnePA
Barnes Aidan County Arts In  SherburnePA
Barnes Liam County Arts In  SherburnePA
Barnes Liam Share The Fun  SherburnePA
Barnes Liam Performing Arts-Gr. 6-8Comedy Routine SherburneBL
Barnett Erika Photography Elements-Gr. 6-8  PolkBL
Barnett Tatum Class 1 - Registered Duroc Barrow (231-261 lbs.)  BeckerRD
Barott Kirsten Saanen Purebred or American-Dry Yrlg Doe  ScottBL
Barott Kirsten Veterinary Science-Gr. 9+PEDv ScottBL
Barrett Faith Holstein-Grade-Fall Sr Yearling  SwiftRD
Barrett Tiana Class 6 - Registered Shorthorn Plus Steer (a)  DakotaBL
Barrett Tiana Class 5 - Market Beef Senior Showmanship (b)  DakotaPA
Barrett Tiana Gen Livestock Judging-Senior  DakotaPA
Bartczak Benjamin Foods And Nutrition-Gr. 6-8Bacon cheeseburger buns ToddRD
Bartel Amy Clothes You Make-Gr. 9+Jacket KanabecBL
Bartel David Self-Determined-Gr.9+Lego Castle KanabecBL
Bartel Mandy Self-Determined-Gr.9+Life Size Monopoly Game KanabecBL
Bartel Melissa Indoor Gardening-Gr.6-8Bamboo Plant w/display KanabecBL
Bartels Emilie Crafts-Gr. 6-8Bath Bombs RockBL
Barten Colin Computer-Gr. 6-8Chore Randomizer Program DouglasBL
Barten Natalie Consumer Education-Gr. 9+Misleading Food Labels DouglasBL
Barth Ethan Self-Determined-Gr.9+Trap Clock PenningtonBL
Barth Mathew Tractor-Gr. 9+Poster Board of Spray Techniques and Book PenningtonPR
Bartholome Samantha Dairy Judging-Intermediate  GoodhuePA
Bartholome Samantha Holstein-Grade-Winter Sr Yearling  GoodhueBL
Bartz Ryan Pigeons-Flying-Breeding PairChampion Overall PigeonChampion Flying Pair PigeonCarverCH
Bartz Ryan Forest Resources-Gr. 6-8Wood for Heating CarverBL
Bastian Aidan Rube Goldberg Contest  NicolletBL
Bastian Audra Class 14 - Middleweight Crossbred Barrow (261-266 lbs.)  NicolletBL
Bastian Claire Class 18 - Heavyweight Crossbred Barrow (283-285 lbs.)  NicolletBL
Bau Heidi Commercial Black Face-Mar Ewe Lamb  MurrayRD
Bau Heidi Performing Arts-Gr. 9+Piano Solo MurrayBL
Bauer Bethany Brown Swiss-Senior Yearling  DodgeBL
Bauer Christina Clothes You Make-Gr. 9+Red/Black Cotton Dress DakotaPR
Bauer Dallas Self-Determined-Gr. 6-8Pet Bed BrownBL
Bauer Ella Dog-Gr. 9+Dog Poster AnokaPR
Bauer Ella Brown Swiss-Spring Junior Yearling  DodgeBL
Bauer Jax Holstein-Registered-Fall Calf  DodgeBL
Bauer Joshua Needle Arts-Gr. 6-8Deer - Latch Hook Hanging SherburneBL
Bauer Justice Holstein-Registered-Junior 2 Year Old  CarltonBL
Bauer Kaitlyn Jersey-Fall Senior Yearling  Isanti 
Bauer Kaitlyn Share The Fun  Isanti 
Bauer Libby Holstein-Registered-Fall Calf  CarltonRD
Bauer Matthew Class 25 - Breeding Beef Senior Showmanship (e)  Rice 
Bauer Matthew Commercial-Sr Yrlg  RiceRD
Bauer William Class 2 - Registered Duroc Barrow (273-304 lbs.)  ClayRD
Bauman Amanda Class O - Crossbred- (late) February Gilt  KandiyohiRD
Bauman Wendy Class O - Crossbred- (late) February Gilt  KandiyohiBL
Baumann Alex Computer-Gr. 6-8Computer with folder explaining the parts MeekerRD
Baumgartner Jenna Clothes You Make-Gr. 9+Formal Dress Blue with Sequins RoseauBL
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