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Last NameFirst NameClass DescriptionOpt1Opt2CountyPlacing
Aaberg Dexter Class 4 - Market Gilts (264-273 lbs.)  Otter Tail - WestRD
Aanerud Micah Aerospace-Gr. 6-8Rockets with trifold Grant 
Aanerud Rebekah Photography Elements-Gr. 9+Black & White picture of baby GrantBL
Aanerud Savannah Non Garment Clothing Exh-Gr. 9+Yellow & gray purse Grant 
Aarsvold Lafe Class 9 - White Face Market Lamb (138-164 lbs.)  WabashaBL
Aarsvold Lafe Class 1 - Market Lamb Intermediate Showmanship (a)  WabashaPA
Aarsvold Lafe Lamb Lead Intermediate - Group 2none WabashaPA
Aarsvold Lafe Video-Gr. 6-8McDonalds video Wabasha 
Aarsvold Nick Photography Elements-Gr. 9+photo of sunglasses on grass Wabasha 
Aarsvold Nick Class 7 - Market Lamb Senior Showmanship (a)  WabashaPA
Aarsvold Nick Class 16 - Middleweight Black Face Market Lamb (147-149 lbs.  WabashaRD
Aase Parker Chickens-Market Pen [Class 1]  SteelePR
Aasen Donald Food Preservation-Gr. 6-8Pickles PineWH
Aasness Kenzie Holstein-Grade-Spring Jr Yearling  Otter Tail - WestRD
Aasness Krista Holstein-Grade-Fall Calf  Otter Tail - WestRD
Abarr Madison Class 12 - Lightweight Black Face Market Lamb (129-135 lbs.)  ClayBL
Abarr Madison Class 8 - Market Lamb Senior Showmanship (b)  ClayPA
Abbas Kristina County Arts In - Reg Encamp - NO Housing  Ramsey 
Abdikadir Roodo 4-H New Ways  Hennepin 
Abdikadir Roodo Video-Gr. 9+Franklin Library 4-HCommunity Project Hennepin 
Abdul Rashid Amanina Youth in Action-Individual  OlmstedBL
Abels Michaela Geology-Gr. 6-8Poster Board Rock 
Abrahamson Timothy Holstein-Registered-Dry Cow  ChisagoBL
Ackerman Jacob Holstein-Registered-Winter Calf  BentonBL
Ackerman Nicole Photography Elements-Gr. 6-8Jellyfish Picture Benton 
Adamski Rose Veterinary Science-Gr. 9+Tumors Poster Renville 
Addy Jace Rube Goldberg - W/ hoursing-Gr. 3-8  Nicollet 
Adermann Austin Prospect Calf-Steer [Class A]  Crow WingBL
Adermann Austin Class 11 - Cow/Calf Senior Showmanship (a)  Crow WingPA
Adkins Matthew Toggenburg Purebred or American-Milking 3 & 4 Yr Doe  ScottBL
Adkins Michael Toggenburg Purebred or American-Milking Yearling DoeReserve Champion Toggenburg Senior Doe ScottRC
Adkins Rebekah Nubian Purebred or American-Milking 2 Yr DoeChampion Nubian Senior Doe ScottCH
Adrian Bryce Class 2 - Market Lamb Intermediate Showmanship (b)  CottonwoodPA
Adrian Bryce Class 10 - Speckle Face Market LambChampion Speckled Face Market Lamb CottonwoodCH
Adrian Melanie Class 11 - Market Lamb Advanced Showmanship (a)Reserve Champion Advanced Market Lamb Showmanship CottonwoodRC
Adrian Melanie Class 16 - Middleweight Black Face Market Lamb (147-149 lbs.  CottonwoodPR
Aga Jack Holland Lop-Senior Buck  AnokaRD
Aga Jack Computer-Gr. 6-8Album about computer website 12 X 12 Anoka 
Aggen Garrett Class 14 - Middleweight Crossbred Barrow (261-266 lbs.)  FillmoreBL
Aggen Hunter Class 21 - Breeding Beef Senior Showmanship (a)  FillmorePA
Aggen Hunter Reg Foundation Simmental-Jr Yrlg [Class B]  FillmorePR
Ahmed Arafat 4-H New Ways  Hennepin 
Ahmed Leensa 4-H New Ways  Hennepin 
Ahner Tia Foods And Nutrition-Gr. 6-8Spaghetti Hot dish GrantRD
Ahrndt Brianna Recorded Grade-Sr Doe Kid  SwiftBL
Ahrndt Dylan Saanen Purebred or American-Sr Doe Kid  SwiftRD
Albers Courtney Class 14 - Middleweight Black Face Market Lamb (141-143 lbs.  RicePR
Albers Courtney Class 9 - Market Lamb Senior Showmanship (c)  RicePA
Albers Ian Fine Arts-Gr. 9+Batik Carver 
Albers Ian Chickens-Breeding Pen [Class 1]  CarverBL
Albers Ian Poultry BBQ Contest  Carver 
Albers Ian County Arts In - Reg Encamp - W/Housing  Carver 
Albert Reilly Shop - Primarily Wood-Gr. 9+Spool Chair St. Louis - SouthBL
Albino Acres Club Banner  Wright 
Alden Lynnia Fine Arts-Gr. 9+Drawing of a Maze Chisago 
Alexander Margaret Video-Gr. 9+a short film Fillmore 
Alger Kiara Dog-Gr. 6-8Austrialian Shepard Poster ItascaBL
Alger Moriah Fashion Rev-Clothes U Make-Gr. 6-8Green Shirt with Demin Skirt ItascaPR
Allas Emily Citizenship-Gr. 9+POSTER 3 RING BINDER FLAG PROJECT Mower 
Allen Aiden LS Demonstration-Team-Livestock Weekend  OlmstedBL
Allen Aiden Self-Determined-Gr.9+tri-fold w/three replica weapons OlmstedBL
Allen Kristina LS Demonstration-Team-Livestock Weekend  OlmstedBL
Allen Matthew Reg Maine Anjou-Jr Yrlg [Class A]  OlmstedPR
Allen Matthew Class 22 - Breeding Beef Senior Showmanship (b)  OlmstedPA
Allen Owen Class 21 - Division 3 Crossbred & Other Breeds Steer (a)  OlmstedRD
Allen Owen Class 1 - Market Beef Intermediate Showmanship (a)  OlmstedPA
Allen Rachael Class 11 - Lightweight Crossbred Barrow (246-250 lbs.)  MowerBL
Allessi Caroline Performing Arts-Gr. 9+Performance & Scrapbook Washington 
Allessi Mary Share The Fun-Reg Encamp W/Housing  Washington 
Allison Sara Foods And Nutrition-Gr. 6-8BANANA BREAD Freeborn 
Almen Ashley Share The Fun-LS Weekend NO Housing  Rice 
Almen Ashley Pigeons-Fancy-Breeding Pair  RiceBL
Altenburg Emily Class 24 - Breeding Beef Senior Showmanship (d)  SibleyPA
Altenburg Emily Reg Black Angus-Jr Yrlg [Class B]  SibleyPR
Altenburg Stephanie Reg Black Angus-Cow/CalfChampion Black Angus Cow/Calf Pair SibleyRC
Altenburg Stephanie Class 9 - Cow/Calf Intermediate Showmanship (a)  SibleyPA
Altenburg Stephanie Fashion Rev-Clothes U Make-Gr. 6-8  Sibley 
Altendorf John Class 5 - Registered Yorkshire Barrow (225-261 lbs.)  GoodhueBL
Altendorf Nathan Class 5 - Market Gilts (275-286 lbs.)  GoodhuePR
Alto John Shop - Primarily Metal-Gr. 6-8  Blue EarthBL
Alto Katie Fine Arts-Gr. 9+Cherry Blossom Blue EarthBL
Amick Tyler Poultry BBQ Contest  Mower 
Amick Tyler Chickens-Breeding Pen [Class 2]  MowerRD
Amor 4-H Club Club Banner  Otter Tail - WestRD
Andersen Cody Class 6 - Market Gilts (287-305 lbs.)  McLeodRD
Andersen Emily Holstein-Registered-3 Year Old Cow  McLeodBL
Andersen Parker Bicycle-Gr. 9+Project Binder Carver 
Andersen Riley Wildlife Biology-Gr. 6-8Trifold Display Board Carver 
Andersen Riley Share The Fun-Reg Encamp NO Housing  Carver 
Anderson Adriana Clothes You Make-Gr. 9+Blue Little Mermaid Dress Anoka 
Anderson Alex Class 3 - Registered Hampshire Barrow (220-282 lbs.)Champion Hampshire Barrow WashingtonCH
Anderson Alexis Class 10 - Speckle Face Market Lamb  MowerBL
Anderson Allison Needle Arts-Gr. 6-8Seashell Dioly Yellow Medicine 
Anderson Amanda Fashion Rev-Clothes U Buy-Gr. 9+Coral color prom dress Sibley 
Anderson Amanda Alpine-Dry Yrlg Doe  SibleyRD
Anderson Amy Poultry BBQ Contest  Isanti 
Anderson Amy Ducks-Breeding Pen [Class 1]  IsantiBL
Anderson Axel Small Engines-Gr. 6-8Small engine - built ATV - Go Cart GrantWH
Anderson Bailey Class 15 - Middleweight Black Face Market Lamb (144-146 lbs.  MowerBL
Anderson Bethany Class 7 - Middleweight Market Wethers (75-85 lbs.)  NicolletRD
Anderson Bethany Market Goat Showmanship - Advanced  NicolletRD
Anderson Blaine Class 2 - Market Gilts (240-253 lbs.)  MowerPR
Anderson Callie County Arts In - Reg Encamp - W/Housing  Anoka 
Anderson Chloe Class 15 - Middleweight Black Face Market Lamb (144-146 lbs.  MowerBL
Anderson Christa Photography Elements-Gr. 9+Picture of Girl and Horse In Barn PenningtonBL
Anderson Emma Fashion Rev-Clothes U Buy-Gr. 6-8Capris, Shirt, Scarf Outfit, Board & Scrapbook PenningtonPA
Anderson Ethan Class D - Reg Hampshire-January Gilt  KanabecPR
Anderson Hannah Quilting-Gr. 9+Purple & Gold Full Size Quilt Sherburne 
Anderson Hannah Share The Fun-Reg Encamp W/Housing  SherburnePA
Anderson Irene Mini Rex-Senior Doe  RedwoodBL
Anderson Irene Fashion Rev-Clothes U Buy-Gr. 9+Red Tank Top and Blue & White Maxi Skirt Redwood 
Anderson Jacob Class M - Crossbred-January Gilt  NicolletPR
Anderson Jacob Class 11 - Lightweight Crossbred Barrow (246-250 lbs.)  WashingtonRD
Anderson Jake Class 12 - Lightweight Black Face Market Lamb (129-135 lbs.)  StevensBL
Anderson Jake Class 10 - Market Lamb Senior Showmanship (d)  StevensPA
Anderson Jake Plant And Soil Science-Gr. 9+Soil Testing Display Board & Book StevensBL
Anderson Jimmy Aerospace-Gr. 6-8model rocket Goodhue 
Anderson Jordyn Exploring The Environment-Gr. 6-8radon presentation Wabasha 
Anderson Joseph Computer-Gr. 6-8Computer Poster Describing Motherboard WrightBL
Anderson Joshua Lawn And Landscape Design-Gr. 6-8Map & Photo MeekerBL
Anderson Kelsi Market Rabbit-Single FryerReserve Champion Single Fryer Otter Tail - EastRC
Anderson Kelsi Market Rabbit - Single Fryer - CarcassReserve Champion Single Fryer Otter Tail - EastBL
Anderson Kennadie Class B - Reg Duroc-February Gilt  KanabecBL
Anderson Kirsten Class 5 - Registered Yorkshire Barrow (225-261 lbs.)  GoodhueBL
Anderson Lauren Performing Arts-Gr. 9+Performing Arts Otter Tail - EastBL
Anderson Lauren Reg Black Angus-Cow/Calf  BrownRD
Anderson Lauren Class 12 - Cow/Calf Senior Showmanship (b)  BrownPA
Anderson Levi Class 6 - Market Beef Senior Showmanship (c)  Mower 
Anderson Levi Class 14 - Market Heifer (c)  MowerBL
Anderson Logan Fishing Sports-Gr. 6-8Fishing Equipment & Lures WatonwanBL
Anderson Mahala Shop - Primarily Wood-Gr. 6-8Adirondack chair-select pine stained in red oak OlmstedBL
Anderson Malory Class 13 - Lightweight Black Face Market Lamb (136-140 lbs.)  StevensBL
Anderson Mariah Class 16 - Division 1 Crossbred & Other Breeds Steer (b)  PopeBL
Anderson Mariah Class 3 - Market Beef Intermediate Showmanship (c)  PopePA
Anderson Marisa Californian-Senior Doe  WilkinBL
Anderson Maxwell Class B - Reg Duroc-February Gilt  KanabecRD
Anderson Miette Electric-Gr. 6-8Charging station lamp Blue J Box w/stained glass bulb & plas OlmstedBL
Anderson Mitchell Home Environment-Gr. 9+Shotgun Shell Lights WrightBL
Anderson Nathan Club Community PridePoster-Club Community Pride McLeod 
Anderson Noah Club Community PrideRefuge Rangers white w green letters Sherburne 
Anderson Noah Oberhasli-Dry Yrlg Doe  Otter Tail - WestBL
Anderson Paige Veterinary Science-Gr. 9+Rabies Board Jackson 
Anderson Paige Class 12 - Lightweight Black Face Market Lamb (129-135 lbs.)  JacksonBL
Anderson Paige Class 11 - Market Lamb Advanced Showmanship (a)  JacksonPA
Anderson Robyn Mini Rex-Senior Buck  IsantiBL
Anderson Ross Reg Foundation Simmental-Jr Yrlg [Class B]  WinonaPR
Anderson Ross Class 29 - Breeding Beef Senior Showmanship (i)  WinonaPA
Anderson Sierra Veterinary Science-Gr. 6-8Heartworm Exhibit Mille Lacs 
Anderson Vincent Class 15 - Middleweight Crossbred Barrow (267-270 lbs.)  WashingtonRD
Anderson Zachary Recorded Grade-Sr Doe Kid  Otter Tail - WestBL
Anderson Zoey Quilting-Gr. 9+Aqua/Brown Quilt Washington 
Anderson Zoey Share The Fun-Reg Encamp NO Housing  Washington 
Andol Laurel Shooting Sports-Gr. 6-83D Display ChippewaRD
Andree Catrina Photography-Creative/Applied-Gr. 6-8ST LOUIS ARCH Mower 
Andree Catrina Ducks-Breeding Pen [Class 2]  MowerBL
Andree Catrina Poultry BBQ Contest  Mower 
Andree Catrina Poultry Judging Contest - Intermediate  Mower 
Andrews Paige County Arts In - Reg Encamp - NO Housing  Sherburne 
Andringa Lukas Photography Elements-Gr. 6-8  Polk 
Anez Harley Share The Fun-LS Weekend NO Housing  Kandiyohi 
Anez Harley Entomology-Gr. 6-8Poster on Variegated Cutworms KandiyohiBL
Anez Jonas Share The Fun-LS Weekend NO Housing  Kandiyohi 
Anez Sullivan Share The Fun-LS Weekend NO Housing  Kandiyohi 
Anez Robinson Faith Fashion Rev-Clothes U Buy-Gr. 6-8Cream Bodice, blue spandex pants Morrison 
Angellar Harmony Pet-Gr. 6-8Changing with Chicken Poster Ramsey 
Angstman Brett Small Engines-Gr. 6-8Engine w/poster KanabecRD
Ankrum Hayden Class 6 - Registered Shorthorn Plus Steer (a)  MurrayPR
Annexstad Emily Holstein-Grade-Winter CalfChampion Total Merit Grade Holstein Heifer NicolletBL
Annexstad Emily Home Environment-Gr. 9+Old window frame with photos Nicollet 
Annexstad Emily Dairy Judging-Senior  Nicollet 
Annexstad Emily LS Demonstration-Individual-Livestock Weekend  NicolletBL
Annexstad Leif Foods And Nutrition-Gr. 6-8Streusel Blueberry Buckle Nicollet 
Annexstad Leif Holstein-Grade-Fall Calf  NicolletBL
Annexstad Matthias Holstein-Grade-Junior 2 Year Old  NicolletBL
Annexstad Matthias Foods And Nutrition-Gr. 6-8Monkey Bread Nicollet 
Anoka Caitlynn 4-H New Ways  Hennepin 
Anoka Kayleigh 4-H New Ways  Hennepin 
Arends Emily Foods And Nutrition-Gr. 6-8Lemon Bars Hennepin 
Arens Matthew Food Review-Gr. 9+Farm Fresh Meal Otter Tail - EastBL
Arens Matthew Demonstration-Individual  Otter Tail - East 
Arens Megan Club Community PrideClub Community Pride for Country Bumpkins 4-H Club Otter Tail - EastPR
Arett Blake Class 13 - Market Heifer (b)  SteeleRD
Arett Blake Class 4 - Market Beef Senior Showmanship (a)  Steele 
Arett Ethan Class 5 - Registered Maine Anjou Steer (b)  SteeleRD
Arndt Adia County Arts In - Reg Encamp - NO Housing  Anoka 
Arndt Jenny Class 7 - Middleweight Market Wethers (75-85 lbs.)  Le SueurRD
Arndt Jenny Market Goat Showmanship - Senior  Le SueurRD
Arndt Jenny Electric-Gr. 9+Lamp with Electric Meter Le SueurBL
Arndt Madison Fishing Sports-Gr. 6-8Fly Fishing Pole Anoka 
Arndt Madison Demonstration-Individual  Anoka 
Arndt Madison County Arts In - Reg Encamp - W/Housing  Anoka 
Arndt Reece County Arts In - Reg Encamp - NO Housing  Anoka 
Arnsdorf Tyler Reg Suffolk-Yearling Ewe  IsantiBL
Arp Kayla Chickens-Market Pen [Class 2]  JacksonRD
Arthur Lauren Class 3 - Market Lamb Intermediate Showmanship (c)Champion Intermediate Market Lamb Showmanship SteeleCH
Arthur Lauren Class 17 - Heavyweight Black Face Market Lamb (150-155 lbs.)  SteelePR
Arthur Riley Class 15 - Middleweight Black Face Market Lamb (144-146 lbs.  SteelePR
Arthur Riley Class 7 - Market Lamb Senior Showmanship (a)Champion Senior Market Lamb Showmanship SteeleCH
Arthur Riley LS Demonstration-Individual-Livestock Weekend  SteeleRD
Ascheman Ryan Class 19 - Division 2 Crossbred & Other Breeds Steer (b)  StevensBL
Ascheman Ryan Class 4 - Market Beef Senior Showmanship (a)  StevensPA
Ash Dylan Milking Shorthorn-Calf  Mille LacsPR
Askeland Aaron Class 29 - Breeding Beef Senior Showmanship (i)  Watonwan 
Askeland Aaron Reg Purebred Simmental-Sr Yrlg  WatonwanRD
Askeland Aaron Shop - Primarily Wood-Gr. 9+Dog House WatonwanBL
Athey Kaylee Class 3 - Heavyweight Dairy Market Goats (88-103 lbs.)Reserve Champion Heavyweight Dairy Market Goat Big StoneRC
Athey Kaylee Market Goat Showmanship - Intermediate  Big StoneRD
Aufforth Rylee Class O - Crossbred- (late) February Gilt  ClearwaterPR
Augustin Austin Class 6 - Market Gilts (287-305 lbs.)  BrownBL
B.E.E.S Club BannerTurquoise Busy BEES Banner Stevens 
Babcock Beau Fishing Sports-Gr. 6-8Tri-fold Display Anoka 
Babcock Layla Share The Fun-Reg Encamp NO Housing  Rice 
Babcock Sydnee Share The Fun-Reg Encamp NO Housing  Rice 
Bach Dylan Quilting-Gr. 6-8Ducks in Brown Lac Qui Parle 
Bach Dylan Satin-Junior Doe  Lac Qui ParleBL
Bach Joseph Commercial Black Face-Yearling Ewe  Lac Qui ParleRD
Bach Joseph Class 23 - Breeding Ewe Senior Showmanship (a)  Lac Qui ParlePA
Bach Joseph Shop - Primarily Wood-Gr. 9+Adirondack Chair Lac Qui ParleBL
Bachenberg Abigail Chickens-Egg Prod-Brown Eggs [Class 1]Reserve Champion Intermediate Poultry Showperson MartinBL
Bachenberg Abigail Performing Arts-Gr. 6-8Piano Solo MartinWH
Bachenberg Magdelyn Chickens-Egg Prod-White Eggs [Class 1]  MartinBL
Bachenberg Magdelyn Poultry BBQ Contest  Martin 
Bachenberg Magdelyn Poultry Judging Contest - Senior  Martin 
Bachman Markus Other Large Breed Purebred-Senior Buck  HennepinBL
Backowski Gianna Crossbred & Other Br-Fall Calf  DouglasPR
Backowski Katherine Holstein-Grade-Fall Calf  DouglasRD
Backstrom AnnMarie Video-Gr. 9+Election of 1952 DVD Goodhue 
Backstrom AnnMarie County Arts In - Reg Encamp - W/Housing  Goodhue 
Backstrom AnnMarie Demonstration-Individual  Goodhue 
Baden Amanda County Arts In - Reg Encamp - NO Housing  Ramsey 
Badinger Megan Photography Elements-Gr. 9+Grandfather Marching for VFW Otter Tail - EastBL
Badinger Megan Rabbit Judging-Senior  Otter Tail - East 
Badinger Megan LS Demonstration-Individual-Livestock Weekend  Otter Tail - EastBL
Badinger Megan Rabbit-Promotional Poster-Gr. 9+  Otter Tail - East 
Badinger Megan Mini Satin-Senior DoeChampion Mini Satin Otter Tail - EastCH
Baggenstoss Alayna Performing Arts-Gr. 9+Vocal - See You Again - Carrie Underwood MeekerPR
Bagniewski Katy Performing Arts-Gr. 9+singing/guitar - The Parting Glass OlmstedPR
Bagniewski Katy Class 13 - Market Lamb Advanced Showmanship (c)  OlmstedPA
Bagniewski Katy Class 17 - Heavyweight Black Face Market Lamb (150-155 lbs.)  OlmstedPR
Bain Evan Ayrshire-3 and 4 Year Old  WinonaBL
Baker Andrew Jersey-3 and 4 Year Old  Le SueurBL
Baker Bennet Jersey-2 Year Old  Le SueurRD
Baker Brianna Class 23 - Breeding Beef Senior Showmanship (c)  Le SueurPA
Baker Brianna Reg Purebred Simmental-Jr Yrlg [Class C]  Le SueurBL
Baker Bridget Holstein-Registered-Winter Calf  Le SueurRD
Baker Joshua Class P - Crossbred-March Gilt  Le SueurBL
Baker Kallie Holstein-Grade-4 Year Old Cow  WabashaBL
Baker Kole Class 22 - Breeding Beef Senior Showmanship (b)  Le SueurPA
Baker Kole Reg Purebred Simmental-Jr Yrlg [Class A]  Le SueurBL
Baker Paige Class 27 - Breeding Ewe Advanced Showmanship (a)  RockPA
Baker Paige Class 2 - Wether Dam - Black Face - Feb Ewe Lamb  RockPR
Baker Riley Class 6 - Wether Dam - White & Spkl Face - Feb Ewe Lamb  RockPR
Baker Riley Class 24 - Breeding Ewe Senior Showmanship (b)  RockPA
Baker Ryanne LS Demonstration-Individual-Livestock Weekend  WabashaRD
Baker Ryanne Brown Swiss-Winter CalfRes Champion Total Merit Brown Swiss Heifer WabashaBL
Bakke Damen Class 15 - Breeding Beef Intermediate Showmanship (b)  ClearwaterPA
Bakke Damen Reg Foundation Simmental-Fall Calf  ClearwaterBL
Bakke Savannah Safety-Gr. 6-8Summer at the Lake (Safety) First Aid Kit Clearwater 
Balbach Joshua Photography Elements-Gr. 9+Astronomy on the Dock Le SueurBL
Balbach Sena Fine Arts-Gr. 9+Pencil drawing of wolf Le SueurBL
Baldwin Jacob Fine Arts-Gr. 9+Dragon Drawing - Blue and Orange St. Louis - SouthBL
Baldwin Kallie Pet-Gr. 9+Domestic Foxes Poster Board St. Louis - SouthBL
Baldwin Laura Clothes You Buy-Gr. 6-8Jean Shorts & 3/4 Sleeve Top Lac Qui Parle 
Ball Abigail County Arts In - Reg Encamp - NO Housing  Anoka 
Ball Samuel Self-Determined-Gr. 6-8Chess Board Anoka 
Ballstadt Kayla Share The Fun-LS Weekend NO Housing  Rice 
Ballstadt Kayla Mini Lop-Senior Buck  RiceBL
Balmanno Hayley Exploring The Environment-Gr. 9+Trifold Board About Fireworks Sherburne 
Balmanno Hayley County Arts In - Reg Encamp - NO Housing  Sherburne 
Balmanno Julia County Arts In - Reg Encamp - NO Housing  Sherburne 
Balmanno Julia Share The Fun-Reg Encamp NO Housing  SherburnePA
Balmanno William (Nick) Share The Fun-Reg Encamp W/Housing  SherburnePA
Balmanno William (Nick) Citizenship-Gr. 6-8Elk River Days SherburneBL
Balstad Grant Class 20 - Heavyweight Crossbred Barrow (289-351 lbs.)  PolkRD
Balstad Sydney Small Gr & Legumes-Gr. 9+Wheat/2 Quart Jar Polk 
Barbknecht Emily Fashion Rev-Clothes U Make-Gr. 6-8  Waseca 
Barczak Claire Veterinary Science-Gr. 9+Doxycyline Research Project Hennepin 
Barczak Evelyn Photography Elements-Gr. 6-8Farm baby portrait peering out Hennepin 
Bargfrede Dominic Class 3 - Registered Hampshire Barrow (220-282 lbs.)  JacksonBL
Bargfrede Zachary Class 9 - Lightweight Crossbred Barrow (191-238 lbs.)  JacksonPR
Barka Emily Needle Arts-Gr. 9+Fuchsia & Pink Tatted Doily Framed KanabecPR
Barka Natalie Needle Arts-Gr. 6-8Embroidered Snowman with sashing frame MeekerBL
Barka Victoria Reg Maine Anjou-Jr Yrlg [Class A]  MeekerRD
Barka Victoria Class 23 - Breeding Beef Senior Showmanship (c)  MeekerPA
Barker Aaron (Brady) Ducks-Breeding Pen [Class 1]  StearnsWH
Barker Aaron (Brady) Electric-Gr. 9+Jacobs Ladder StearnsPR
Barker Jenna LS Demonstration-Individual-Livestock Weekend  StearnsPR
Barker Jenna Poultry-Promotional Poster-Gr. 6-8  Stearns 
Barker Jenna Poultry Judging Contest - Intermediate  Stearns 
Barker Jenna Chickens- Bantam Breeding Pen [Class 1]Champion Bantam Breeding Chickens StearnsCH
Barker Jordon Pigeons-Flying-Breeding Pair  StearnsBL
Barnard Jordan County Arts In - Reg Encamp - NO Housing  Washington 
Barnard Jordan Cat-Gr. 9+High Blood Pressure in Cats Washington 
Barnard Skylar Exploring Animals-Gr. 6-8Humpback Whales Washington 
Barnard Skylar County Arts In - Reg Encamp - NO Housing  Washington 
Barnes Aidan Share The Fun-Reg Encamp W/Housing  SherburnePA
Barnes Aidan County Arts In - Reg Encamp - W/Housing  Sherburne 
Barnes Aidan Engineering Design-Gr. 6-8Bridge Building Sherburne 
Barnes Liam Performing Arts-Gr. 6-8Comedy Routine SherburneBL
Barnes Liam County Arts In - Reg Encamp - W/Housing  Sherburne 
Barnes Liam Share The Fun-Reg Encamp W/Housing  SherburnePA
Barnett Erika Photography Elements-Gr. 6-8  Polk 
Barnett Tatum Class 1 - Registered Duroc Barrow (231-261 lbs.)  BeckerRD
Barott Kirsten Veterinary Science-Gr. 9+PEDv Scott 
Barott Kirsten Saanen Purebred or American-Dry Yrlg Doe  ScottBL
Barrett Faith Holstein-Grade-Fall Sr Yearling  SwiftRD
Barrett Tiana Class 5 - Market Beef Senior Showmanship (b)  DakotaPA
Barrett Tiana Class 6 - Registered Shorthorn Plus Steer (a)  DakotaBL
Barrett Tiana Gen Livestock Judging-Senior  Dakota 
Bartczak Benjamin Foods And Nutrition-Gr. 6-8Bacon cheeseburger buns ToddRD
Bartel Amy Clothes You Make-Gr. 9+Jacket Kanabec 
Bartel David Self-Determined-Gr.9+Lego Castle KanabecBL
Bartel Mandy Self-Determined-Gr.9+Life Size Monopoly Game KanabecBL
Bartel Melissa Indoor Gardening-Gr.6-8Bamboo Plant w/display KanabecBL
Bartels Emilie Crafts-Gr. 6-8Bath Bombs Rock 
Barten Colin Computer-Gr. 6-8Chore Randomizer Program DouglasBL
Barten Natalie Consumer Education-Gr. 9+Misleading Food Labels DouglasBL
Barth Ethan Self-Determined-Gr.9+Trap Clock PenningtonBL
Barth Mathew Tractor-Gr. 9+Poster Board of Spray Techniques and Book PenningtonPR
Bartholome Samantha Holstein-Grade-Winter Sr Yearling  GoodhueBL
Bartholome Samantha Dairy Judging-Intermediate  Goodhue 
Bartz Ryan Forest Resources-Gr. 6-8Wood for Heating Carver 
Bartz Ryan Pigeons-Flying-Breeding PairChampion Overall PigeonChampion Flying Pair PigeonCarverCH
Bastian Aidan Rube Goldberg - W/ hoursing-Gr. 3-8  Nicollet 
Bastian Audra Class 14 - Middleweight Crossbred Barrow (261-266 lbs.)  NicolletBL
Bastian Claire Class 18 - Heavyweight Crossbred Barrow (283-285 lbs.)  NicolletBL
Bau Heidi Commercial Black Face-Mar Ewe Lamb  MurrayRD
Bau Heidi Performing Arts-Gr. 9+Piano Solo Murray 
Bauer Bethany Brown Swiss-Senior Yearling  DodgeBL
Bauer Christina Clothes You Make-Gr. 9+Red/Black Cotton Dress Dakota 
Bauer Dallas Self-Determined-Gr. 6-8Pet Bed Brown 
Bauer Ella Brown Swiss-Spring Junior Yearling  DodgeBL
Bauer Ella Dog-Gr. 9+Dog Poster Anoka 
Bauer Jax Holstein-Registered-Fall Calf  DodgeBL
Bauer Joshua Needle Arts-Gr. 6-8Deer - Latch Hook Hanging SherburneBL
Bauer Justice Holstein-Registered-Junior 2 Year Old  CarltonBL
Bauer Kaitlyn Jersey-Fall Senior Yearling  Isanti 
Bauer Kaitlyn Share The Fun-LS Weekend NO Housing  Isanti 
Bauer Libby Holstein-Registered-Fall Calf  CarltonRD
Bauer Matthew Class 25 - Breeding Beef Senior Showmanship (e)  Rice 
Bauer Matthew Commercial-Sr Yrlg  RiceRD
Bauer William Class 2 - Registered Duroc Barrow (273-304 lbs.)  ClayRD
Bauman Amanda Class O - Crossbred- (late) February Gilt  KandiyohiRD
Bauman Wendy Class O - Crossbred- (late) February Gilt  KandiyohiBL
Baumann Alex Computer-Gr. 6-8Computer with folder explaining the parts MeekerRD
Baumgartner Jenna Class 9 - Lightweight Crossbred Barrow (191-238 lbs.)  RoseauRD
Baumgartner Jenna Clothes You Make-Gr. 9+Formal Dress Blue with Sequins RoseauBL
Baumgartner Jessica Cat-Gr. 6-8Cat Care WatonwanRD
Baumgartner Matthew Shooting Sports-Gr. 9+Gun Safety WatonwanBL
Baumhoefner Rylan Reg Shorthorn-Jr Yrlg [Class B]  NoblesRD
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