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2015 State Fair Results

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Last NameFirst NameClass DescriptionOpt1Opt2CountyPlacing
Aanerud Micah Aerospace-Gr. 6-8Poster and Booklet Stevens 
Aanerud Micah Rube Goldberg Participant - WITH housing-Gr. 3-8  Stevens 
Aanerud Rebekah Photography Elements-Gr. 9+Picture of New York from Ellis Island GrantBL
Aanerud Savannah Health-Gr. 9+Run for More than Just the Finish Line StevensPR
Aarsvold Craig Shop - Primarily Wood-Gr. 6-8wood table DodgeBL
Aarsvold Lafe Photography Elements-Gr. 6-8rural road scene WabashaBL
Aarsvold Lafe Class 1 - Market Lamb Intermediate Showmanship (a)  WabashaPA
Aarsvold Lafe Class 7 - White Face Market Lamb (86-131 lbs.)  WabashaBL
Aarsvold Liza Crafts-Gr. 9+  DodgeBL
Aarsvold Nick Photography Elements-Gr. 9+night landscape scene WabashaBL
Aarsvold PJ MLBA Scholarship Recipient  WabashaPA
Aase Hudson Poultry Issue - Biosecurity - Intermediate  SteeleBL
Aase Parker Other Small Breed Purebred-Junior Buck  SteeleBL
Aasen Donald Dairy Goat Showmanship - Novice (Group 1)  PineBL
Aasen Donald Shop - Primarily Metal-Gr. 6-8  PineBL
Aasen Donald Toggenburg Purebred or American-Milking 3 & 4 Yr Doe  PineBL
Aasness Kenzie Holstein-Grade-Fall Calf  Otter Tail - WestRD
Abbas Kyle Photography Elements-Gr. 6-8Elements of Photography Digital RamseyBL
Abbas Kyle Rube Goldberg Participant - With NO housing-Gr. 3-8  Ramsey 
Abdikadir Abdirahman 4-H New Ways  HennepinPA
Abdikadir Abdullahi Ridw Illus Presentation-Team-Reg Encampment  HennepinRD
Abdikadir Roodo Illus Presentation-Team-Reg Encampment  HennepinRD
Abdikadir Roodo Performing Arts-Gr. 9+If I Was a Man HennepinRD
Abdul Rashid Amanina Youth in Action-Individual-Reg Encampment  OlmstedRD
Abdullah Khalil 4-H New WaysUrban Day RamseyPA
Abelson Carly Child & Family Development-Gr. 6-8Travel Fun Book WashingtonBL
Abelson Carly Demonstration-Individual-Regular Enc  WashingtonRD
Abrahamson Joseph Dairy interview finalist  ChisagoPA
Abrahamson Joseph Crossbred & Other Br-Smr Jr Yrlg  ChisagoPR
Abrahamson Timothy Dairy interview finalist  ChisagoPA
Abrahamson Timothy Dairy interview winner  ChisagoPA
Abrahamson Timothy Holstein-Registered-Aged Cow  ChisagoBL
Ackerman Allie Clothes You Buy-Gr. 6-8Hot Pink Lace Dress BentonBL
Ackerman Jacob Holstein-Registered-Wtr Sr Yrlg  BentonRD
Ackerman Nicole Foods And Nutrition-Gr. 6-8Energy Ball Bars - non-bake BentonBL
Acuna Adam 4-H New WaysUrban Day HennepinPA
Adams Mckenzie Share The Fun-Reg Encamp  WashingtonPA
Adamski Rose Global Connections-Gr. 9+Scrapbook RenvilleBL
Addy Jace Rube Goldberg Participant - With NO housing-Gr. 3-8  Nicollet 
Adermann Austin Reg Chianina-Jr YrlgReserve Champion Chianina Heifer Crow WingRC
Adermann Austin Class 26 - Breeding Beef Senior Showmanship (a)  Crow WingPA
Adkins Matthew Dairy Market Showmanship - Intermediate  ScottBL
Adkins Matthew Class 2 - Middleweight Dairy Market Goats (65-78 lbs.)  ScottRD
Adkins Michael Dairy Goat Showmanship - Intermediate (Group 2)  ScottPR
Adkins Michael Toggenburg Purebred or American-Milking 2 Yr Doe  ScottBL
Adkins Rebekah Nubian, Purebred or American-Milking 3 & 4 Yr DoeChampion Nubian Senior Doe ScottCH
Adkins Rebekah Dairy Goat Showmanship - Senior (Group 2)  ScottPR
Adrian Bryce Class 2 - Market Lamb Intermediate Showmanship (b)  CottonwoodPA
Adrian Bryce Class 9 - Speckle Face Market Lamb (123-140 lbs.)Reserve Champion Speckled Face Market Lamb CottonwoodPR
Adrian Melanie Class 11 - Lightweight Black Face Market Lamb (108-123 lbs.)  CottonwoodPR
Adrian Melanie Class 23 - Market Lamb Advanced Showmanship (d)  CottonwoodPA
Aga Jack Rabbit Judging  AnokaPA
Aga Jack Other Large Breed Purebred-Intermediate Doe  AnokaBL
Agerter Simplicia Crafts-Gr. 6-8  DodgeBL
Agerter Simplicia Share The Fun-LS Weekend  DodgePA
Aggen Garrett Class 13 - Division II Crossbred Barrow (273-277)  FillmoreBL
Aggen Hunter Class 15 - Cow/Calf Senior Showmanship (b)  FillmorePA
Aggen Hunter Reg Simmental (Purebred & Foundation)-Cow/CalfReserve Grand Champion Cow/Calf PairChampion Simmental Cow/Calf PairFillmoreCH
Aguilera Josibeth Fashion Rev-Clothes U Buy-Gr. 6-8Blue Beaded Top White Jeans BeltramiPA
Ahmed Arafat Illus Presentation-Team-Reg Encampment  HennepinRD
Ahmed Ayan 4-H New WaysUrban Day HennepinPA
Ahmed Leensa Illus Presentation-Team-Reg Encampment  HennepinRD
Ahmed Mohamed 4-H New WaysUrban Day HennepinPA
Ahmed Siham 4-H New WaysUrban Day HennepinPA
Ahmed Zakariya 4-H New WaysUrban Day HennepinPA
Ailie Kailie Dairy Market Showmanship - Intermediate  MeekerBL
Ailie Kailie Class 2 - Middleweight Dairy Market Goats (65-78 lbs.)  MeekerBL
Albers Courtney Class 16 - Market Lamb Senior Showmanship (d)  RicePA
Albers Courtney Class 19 - Heavyweight Black Face Market Lamb (150-153 lbs.)  RiceBL
Albers Ian Chef for a Day  CarverPR
Albers Ian Share The Fun-Reg Encamp  CarverPA
Albers Ian County Arts In - Reg Encamp  CarverPA
Albers Ian Food Review-Gr. 9+Pappardelle with Hare Sauce CarverBL
Albers Kaitlyn Club Community PrideClub Project - Trifold & Binder CarverBL
Albers Morgan Class 1 - Wether Dam - Black Face (a)  RicePR
Albers Morgan Class 12 - Market Lamb Intermediate Showmanship (l)  RicePA
Albert Reilly Home Environment-Gr. 9+4-H Table St. Louis - SouthBL
Albion Aces Club BannerMany Golden Opportunities - Rainbow WrightBL
Alden Lynnia Fine Arts-Gr. 9+Hourglass Drawing ChisagoBL
Allen Aiden LS Demonstration-Individual-LS Weekend  OlmstedPR
Allen Colton Class 2 - Dairy Steer Division 1 (b)  MowerBL
Allen Isabel Red & White-Jr Yrlg  HoustonPR
Allen Kaysie Dairy Goat Showmanship - Novice (Group 2)  MowerBL
Allen Kaysie Nigerian Dwarf-Milking Yearling Doe  MowerBL
Allen Matthew Class 9 - Market Beef Senior Showmanship (e)  OlmstedPA
Allen Matthew Class 3 - Registered Angus Steer (b)  OlmstedBL
Allen Owen Class 19 - Division 3 Crossbred & Other Breeds Steer (b)  OlmstedBL
Allen Owen Class 3 - Market Beef Intermediate Showmanship (c)  OlmstedPA
Allessi Caroline Performing Arts-Gr. 9+More Than Just A Spare WashingtonBL
Allessi Mary Exploring Animals-Gr. 6-8Elephant Binder WashingtonBL
Allison Nicole Home Environment-Gr. 9+Bedroom Remodel FreebornBL
Allison Nicole Class 12 - Division II Crossbred Barrow (269-272)  FreebornRD
Allison Sara Foods And Nutrition-Gr. 6-8COFFEE CAKE FreebornRD
Almen Ashley Share The Fun-LS Weekend  RicePA
Almen Ashley LS Demonstration-Team-LS Weekend  RiceRD
Almen Ashley Mini Lop-Senior Doe  RiceBL
Almen Ashley Rabbit Poster-Gr. 6-8  Rice 
Almen Ashley Poultry Poster-Gr. 6-8  Rice 
Altenburg Emily Class 14 - Cow/Calf Senior Showmanship (a)  SibleyPA
Altenburg Emily Reg Black Angus-Cow/CalfGrand Champion Cow/Calf PairChampion Black Angus Cow/Calf PairSibleyCH
Altenburg Stephanie Reg Black Angus-Cow/Calf  SibleyBL
Altenburg Stephanie Class 13 - Cow/Calf Intermediate Showmanship (d)  SibleyPA
Altenburg Stephanie Chef for a Day  SibleyPA
Altendorf Aliza Class 15 - Division III Crossbred Barrow (282-285)  GoodhueRD
Altendorf John Class 6 - Registered Yorkshire Barrow (280-294)  GoodhueBL
Altendorf Nathan Class 2 - Market Gilts (244-258)  GoodhueBL
Altendorf Nathan Swine interview finalist  GoodhuePA
Altmann Ashtyn Rabbit Judging  RedwoodPA
Altmann Ashtyn Mini Rex-Senior Buck  RedwoodRD
Alto Katie Fine Arts-Gr. 9+digital drawing-purple witch Blue EarthBL
Amborn Leah Polish-Senior Buck  MartinBL
Amborn Leah Photography Elements-Gr. 6-8Black & White Photo 11 x 14 Martin 
Amick Tyler Photography Elements-Gr. 9+WELLS CATHEDRAL LANDSCAPE MowerPR
Amick Tyler Poultry interview finalist  MowerPA
Amick Tyler Chef for a Day  MowerPA
Amick Tyler Poultry BBQ Contest - ages 14-19 on 1-1-2015  MowerPA
Amick Tyler Poultry Issue - Breeding - Senior  MowerRC
Ammann Hayden Class 17 - Cow/Calf Senior Showmanship (d)  MartinPA
Ammann Hayden Prospect Calf-Heifer [Class 1]  MartinBL
Andersen Cody Class 17 - Division III Crossbred Barrow (291-300)  McLeodRD
Andersen Riley Share The Fun-Reg Encamp  CarverPA
Anderson Alex Class 6 - Registered Yorkshire Barrow (280-294)  WashingtonRD
Anderson Allison Needle Arts-Gr. 6-8Christmas Tree Skirt Yellow MedicineBL
Anderson Amanda Alpine-Milking Doe 5 + Yrs  SibleyBL
Anderson Amanda Fashion Rev-Clothes U Buy-Gr. 9+white top/floral skirt SibleyPA
Anderson Amanda Dairy Goat Showmanship - Senior (Group 1)  SibleyPR
Anderson Annika Wildlife Biology-Gr. 6-8black bathouse & booklet OlmstedBL
Anderson Bailey Class 10 - Speckle Face Market Lamb (143-158 lbs.)  MowerPR
Anderson Bethany Mini Rex-Senior Doe  NicolletPR
Anderson Bethany Rabbit interview winner  NicolletPA
Anderson Blaine Gen Livestock Judging  MowerPA
Anderson Blaine Class 1 - Market Gilts (197-242)  MowerPR
Anderson Brooke Reg Red Angus-Cow/Calf  SwiftBL
Anderson Brooke Class 10 - Cow/Calf Intermediate Showmanship (a)  SwiftPA
Anderson Bryn Consumer Decisions JudgingIntermediate Team JacksonPA
Anderson Bryn Class 3 - Registered Hampshire Barrow  JacksonRC
Anderson Callie Exploring The Environment-Gr. 6-8Endangered birds in MN poster AnokaBL
Anderson Callie County Arts In - Reg Encamp  AnokaPA
Anderson Carl Small Engines-Gr. 9+Poster on small engines RedwoodBL
Anderson Chloe Class 5 - Registered Yorkshire Barrow (231-278)  FreebornBL
Anderson Chloe Class 19 - Heavyweight Black Face Market Lamb (150-153 lbs.)  MowerBL
Anderson Christopher Shooting Sports-Gr. 6-8Survival Kit ClayRD
Anderson Eli Club Community PrideTrifold Poster - Birthday bags St. Louis - NorthBL
Anderson Elizabeth Non Garment Clothing Exh-Gr. 6-8Shoulder Bag McLeodBL
Anderson Emma Chef for a Day  PenningtonPA
Anderson Emma Indoor Gardening-Gr.6-8Fairy Garden PenningtonBL
Anderson Ethan Class 34 - Breeding Sheep Advanced Showmanship (a)  Kanabec 
Anderson Ethan Reg Southdown-Jan Ewe Lamb  KanabecBL
Anderson Gretta Class 1 - Dairy Steer Division 1 (a)  GoodhueRD
Anderson Irene Home Environment-Gr. 9+Small maroon end table RedwoodBL
Anderson Irene Rabbit interview finalist  RedwoodPA
Anderson Irene Flemish Giant-Intermediate Doe  RedwoodBL
Anderson Irene Rabbit Judging  RedwoodPA
Anderson Jacob Crossbred-March Gilt  NicolletPR
Anderson Jake Holstein-Registered-Spr Jr Yrlg  StevensRD
Anderson Jaron Unrecorded Grade-Sr Doe KidChampion Unrecorded Grade Junior Doe Otter Tail - WestBL
Anderson Jaron Dairy Goat Showmanship - Novice (Group 1)  Otter Tail - WestBL
Anderson Jennah Water/Wetlands-Gr. 9+Three Main Invasive Species in MN MeekerRD
Anderson Jimmy Home Environment-Gr. 6-8antique refin, carpenters trunk GoodhuePR
Anderson John Class 17 - Division III Crossbred Barrow (291-300)  Blue EarthBL
Anderson Jonathan Fine Arts-Gr. 9+LANDSCAPE DRAWINGS FreebornBL
Anderson Joseph Computer-Gr. 6-8IP Webcam Security System WrightPR
Anderson Joshua Photography Elements-Gr. 6-8Crop Duster Photo MeekerBL
Anderson Kalli Class 1 - Market Lamb Intermediate Showmanship (a)  LyonPA
Anderson Kalli Class 18 - Heavyweight Black Face Market Lamb (148-149 lbs.)  LyonBL
Anderson Karly Health-Gr. 9+Colon Cancer Display WashingtonPR
Anderson Kennadie Class 1 - Registered Duroc Barrow (217-281)  KanabecRD
Anderson Levi Class 6 - Registered Yorkshire Barrow (280-294)Reserve Champion Yorkshire Barrow MowerRC
Anderson Levi Swine interview finalist  MowerPA
Anderson Levi Swine interview winner  MowerPA
Anderson Lisa Health-Gr. 9+Weight Loss WilkinBL
Anderson Mahala Shop - Primarily Wood-Gr. 6-8porch swing w/chains OlmstedBL
Anderson Malory Class 9 - Market Lamb Intermediate Showmanship (i)  StevensPA
Anderson Malory Class 17 - Middleweight Black Face Market Lamb (146-147 lbs.  StevensRD
Anderson Maren Tractor-Gr. 6-8John Deere Display WashingtonBL
Anderson Mariah Class 15 - Cow/Calf Senior Showmanship (b)  PopePA
Anderson Mariah Prospect Calf-Steer [Class 3]  PopeBL
Anderson Mary Ann Food Preservation-Gr. 6-8Loaf of oatmeal bread RedwoodBL
Anderson Miette Clothes you Make-Gr. 6-8sundress- floral pattern OlmstedBL
Anderson Morgan Fine Arts-Gr. 6-8Wood Plaque #2 Volleyball Morgan MarshallBL
Anderson Nathaniel Kie Consumer Decisions Judging  JacksonPA
Anderson Noah Dairy Market Showmanship - Intermediate  Otter Tail - WestBL
Anderson Noah Class 2 - Middleweight Dairy Market Goats (65-78 lbs.)Reserve Grand Champion Overall Dairy Market GoatChampion Mediumweight Dairy Market GoatOtter Tail - WestCH
Anderson Paige Exploring Animals-Gr. 9+Badger Exhibit JacksonBL
Anderson Paige MLBA Scholarship Recipient  JacksonPA
Anderson Rachael Reg Southdown-Yearling Ewe  KanabecBL
Anderson Rachel Crafts-Gr. 6-8Drawing of Roses, thorns, vines 8X10 WilkinBL
Anderson Ross Class 19 - Division 3 Crossbred & Other Breeds Steer (b)  WinonaPR
Anderson Ross Class 9 - Market Beef Senior Showmanship (e)  Winona 
Anderson Sofia Share The Fun-LS Weekend  HubbardPA
Anderson Teahna Fine Arts-Gr. 9+Drawing Shirley Temple MarshallBL
Anderson Trevor Other Reg Breed-January Gilt  KanabecBL
Anderson Zachary Class 3 - Heavyweight Dairy Market Goats (80-97 lbs.)  Otter Tail - WestBL
Anderson Zachary Dairy Market Showmanship - Senior  Otter Tail - WestBL
Anderson Zoey Share The Fun-Reg Encamp  WashingtonPA
Anderson Zoey Quilting-Gr. 9+Quilt WashingtonBL
Andree Catrina Veterinary Science-Gr. 6-8H WHAT N WHO MowerBL
Andrews Annabelle Food Preservation-Gr. 6-8Tomato Jelly AnokaRD
Andringa Lukas Photography Elements-Gr. 9+Water Skiing Girl PolkBL
Androli Dylan Market Goat Showmanship - Intermediate  Le SueurBL
Androli Dylan Class 8 - Middleweight Market Goat - Wethers (89-97 lbs.)  Le SueurBL
Angel Andrea Fashion Rev-Clothes U Buy-Gr. 9+Black & Gray Dress ChisagoPA
Angellar Harmony Photography Elements-Gr. 9+Girl - Dandelion RamseyBL
Angelo Robert Rube Goldberg Participant - With NO housing-Gr. 3-8  Big Stone 
Angelo Robert Chef for a Day  Big StonePA
Angelo Zakari Rube Goldberg Participant - With NO housing-Gr. 3-8  Big Stone 
Angstman Brett Shop - Primarily Metal-Gr. 6-8  KanabecBL
Ankrum Hayden Class 16 - Division 2 Crossbred & Other Breeds Steer (a)  MurrayBL
Ankrum Hayden Class 4 - Market Beef Intermediate Showmanship (d)  MurrayPA
Annexstad Emily Dairy interview finalist  NicolletPA
Annexstad Emily Dairy interview winner  NicolletPA
Annexstad Emily Holstein-Grade-Jr 2 Yr Old  NicolletPR
Annexstad Emily Dairy Judging-Intermediate  Nicollet 
Annexstad Leif Dairy Judging-Intermediate  Nicollet 
Annexstad Leif Holstein-Grade-Sr 2 Yr Old  NicolletBL
Annexstad Leif Dairy interview winner  NicolletPA
Annexstad Leif Dairy interview finalist  NicolletPA
Annexstad Matthias Holstein-Grade-Winter Calf  NicolletRD
Annexstad Matthias Foods And Nutrition-Gr. 9+  NicolletRD
Annexstad Matthias Dairy Judging-Intermediate  Nicollet 
Annexstad Matthias LS Demonstration-Individual-LS Weekend  NicolletBL
Anoka Caitlynn 4-H New WaysUrban Day HennepinPA
Arellano Damian Share The Fun-Reg Encamp  HubbardPA
Arellano Frederick Share The Fun-Reg Encamp  HubbardPA
Arends Emily Foods And Nutrition-Gr. 6-8Caramel Pecan Pie HennepinBL
Arens Matthew Chef for a Day  Otter Tail - EastPR
Arens Matthew Illus Presentation-Individual-Reg Encampment  Otter Tail - EastRD
Arens Matthew Consumer Education-Gr. 9+Lego Buying Otter Tail - EastPR
Arens Matthew Poultry Issue - Animal Health - SeniorH5N2 Otter Tail - EastBL
Arens Megan Netherland Dwarf-Senior Buck  Otter Tail - EastRD
Arens Micah Home Environment-Gr. 6-8Wooden crosses & Loire Otter Tail - EastBL
Arens Michelle Fashion Rev-Clothes U Make-Gr. 6-8Blue Polka Dot Dress Big StonePA
Arett Ethan Class 5 - Market Beef Senior Showmanship (a)  SteelePA
Arett Ethan Class 11 - Market Heifer (a)  SteelePR
Arndt Adia Demonstration-Individual-Regular Enc  AnokaBL
Arndt Adia Fashion Rev-Clothes U Make-Gr. 6-8Blue linen shirt & blue jean shorts AnokaPA
Arndt Adia County Arts In - Reg Encamp  AnokaPA
Arndt Jenny Market Goat Showmanship - Senior  Le SueurBL
Arndt Jenny Class 6 - Lightweight Market Goat - Wethers (41-75 lbs.)  Le SueurPR
Arndt Madison Demonstration-Individual-Regular Enc  AnokaBL
Arndt Madison Aerospace-Gr. 9+Black cosmic rocket AnokaBL
Arndt Madison County Arts In - Reg Encamp  AnokaPA
Arndt Myranda County Arts In - Reg Encamp  AnokaPA
Arndt Reece County Arts In - Reg Encamp  AnokaPA
Arneson Alexis Entomology-Gr. 6-8Chinese Bird Spider PopeBL
Arneson Alexis Rabbit Judging  PopePA
Arneson Alexis Market Rabbit-Single Fryer  PopeRC
Arneson Alexis Market Rabbit-SingleFryer-Carcass Judging  PopeBL
Arneson Alexis Rabbit Poster-Gr. 6-8Rabbit Poster Pope 
Arnsdorf Tyler Class 10 - Speckle Face Market Lamb (143-158 lbs.)  IsantiBL
Aronson Emma Rabbit Judging  ScottPA
Aronson Emma Polish-Junior Doe  ScottBL
Aronson Emma Quilting-Gr. 6-8  ScottBL
Arp Kayla Holstein-Registered-Winter Calf  JacksonRD
Arps Elise Rube Goldberg Participant - WITH housing-Gr. 3-8  Carver 
Arps Evan Rube Goldberg Participant - With NO housing-Gr. 3-8  Carver 
Arterburn Caleb Holland Lop-Senior Doe  RenvilleRD
Arthur Grace Class 2 - Wether Dam - Black Face (b) Champion Wether Dam Ewe Lamb SteelePR
Arthur Grace Class 9 - Market Lamb Intermediate Showmanship (i)  SteelePA
Arthur Lauren Class 15 - Middleweight Black Face Market Lamb (137-141 lbs.  SteelePR
Arthur Lauren Class 10 - Market Lamb Intermediate Showmanship (j)Showmanship Market Lamb Medalion Winner SteelePA
Arthur Riley Class 19 - Heavyweight Black Face Market Lamb (150-153 lbs.)Reserve Champion Heavyweight Market Lamb SteelePR
Arthur Riley Class 20 - Market Lamb Advanced Showmanship (a)Showmanship Market Lamb Medalion WinnerChampion Market Lamb Showperson Advanced DivisionSteeleCH
Arthur Riley Sheep interview winner  SteelePA
Arthur Riley Sheep interview finalist  SteelePA
Arveson Gabriel Fine Arts-Gr. 6-8Watercolor Painting of Leaves PenningtonBL
Arvig Myra Poultry Judging Contest - Intermediate  Stearns 
Arvig Myra Poultry Issue - Other - IntermediateChampion Intermediate Showmanship StearnsCH
Arvig Myra Poultry interview winner  StearnsPA
Aschenbrenner Brooke Veterinary Science-Gr. 6-8Black leg display NicolletBL
Ash Brody Milking Shorthorn-Winter Calf  Mille LacsRD
Ash Dylan Dairy interview finalist  Mille LacsPA
Ash Dylan Milking Shorthorn--Sr Yrlg  Mille LacsBL
Ash Gracie Class 6 - Market Gilts (287-337)  Mille LacsBL
Aspelund EverReadies Club Banner  GoodhueRD
Athey Kaylee Chef for a Day  Big StonePA
Athey Kaylee Meat Goat interview finalist  Big StonePA
Athey Kaylee Class 3 - Heavyweight Dairy Market Goats (80-97 lbs.)  Big StoneBL
Athey Kaylee Dairy Market Showmanship - Senior  Big StonePR
Attig Austin Rube Goldberg Participant - With NO housing-Gr. 3-8  Freeborn 
Attig Austin Robotics-Gr. 6-8A CAR THAT USES SENSORS TO PARALLEL PARK Freeborn 
Attig Faith Indoor Gardening-Gr.6-8FAIRY GARDEN BEACH THEME FreebornPR
Attig Wyatt Food Preservation-Gr. 6-8CANNED GREEN BEANS FreebornRD
Attig Wyatt Rube Goldberg Participant - With NO housing-Gr. 3-8  Freeborn 
Aufforth Remington Prospect Calf-Steer [Class 1]  ClearwaterPR
Aufforth Remington Class 11 - Cow/Calf Intermediate Showmanship (b)  ClearwaterPA
Aufforth Rylee Class 16 - Cow/Calf Senior Showmanship (c)  ClearwaterPA
Aufforth Rylee Prospect Calf-Heifer [Class 1]  ClearwaterRD
Augustin Austin Class 4 - Wether Dam - Black Face (d)  BrownPR
Augustin Austin Class 12 - Market Lamb Intermediate Showmanship (l)  BrownPA
Augustin Austin Sheep interview finalist  BrownPA
Babcock Josie Poultry BBQ Contest - ages under 14 on 1-1-2015  AnokaPA
Babcock Josie Poultry Issue - Production - IntermediateWhat Color Egg will your Hen lay Anoka 
Babcock Josie Poultry Issue - Production - Intermediate  AnokaBL
Bach Dylan Satin-Senior Doe  Lac Qui ParlePR
Bach Dylan LS Demonstration-Individual-LS Weekend  Lac Qui Parle 
Bach Isaac Crossbred-March Gilt  Lac Qui ParleRD
Bach Joseph Comm Wh & Spkl Face-Yearling Ewe  Lac Qui ParleBL
Bach Joseph Class 35 - Breeding Sheep Advanced Showmanship (b)  Lac Qui ParlePA
Bachenberg Abigail Poultry BBQ Contest - ages under 14 on 1-1-2015Chicken BBQ MartinPA
Bachenberg Abigail Poultry Issue - Production - IntermediateProduction MartinRC
Bachenberg Abigail Poultry interview winner  MartinPA
Bachman Markus Exploring Animals-Gr. 9+Watch Rabbits Grow HennepinBL
Bachman Markus Rabbit Judging  HennepinPA
Bachman Markus Other Large Breed Purebred-Senior Doe  HennepinRD
Bachman Markus LS Demonstration-Individual-LS Weekend  HennepinBL
Backes Emma Photography Elements-Gr. 6-83 Hawaii pictures WinonaBL
Backstrom AnnMarie Foods And Nutrition-Gr. 9+pulled pork sliders GoodhueBL
Backstrom AnnMarie Rabbit interview finalist  GoodhuePA
Backstrom AnnMarie Youth in Action-Individual-Reg Encampment  GoodhuePR
Backstrom AnnMarie Other Small Breed Purebred-Junior Doe  GoodhueBL
Backstrom AnnMarie Rabbit Judging  GoodhuePA
Badinger Megan LS Demonstration-Individual-LS Weekend  Otter Tail - EastBL
Badinger Megan Mini Satin-Senior DoeChampion Advanced Showmanship Otter Tail - EastBL
Badinger Megan Photography Elements-Gr. 9+  Otter Tail - EastPR
Baer Madeline Global Connections-Gr. 6-8Norwegian Culture/History WinonaBL
Baggenstoss Alayna Performing Arts-Gr. 9+Cheerleading Poster MeekerBL
Bagniewski Katy MLBA Scholarship Recipient  OlmstedPA
Bagniewski Katy Class 11 - Lightweight Black Face Market Lamb (108-123 lbs.)  OlmstedPR
Bagniewski Katy Class 21 - Market Lamb Advanced Showmanship (b)  OlmstedPA
Bahr Caleb Class 29 - Breeding Sheep Intermediate Showmanship (d)  BeltramiPA
Bahr Caleb Commercial Black Face-Feb Ewe Lamb  BeltramiBL
Bahr Caleb Chef for a Day  BeltramiPA
Bailey Jayden Class 20 - Breeding Beef Intermediate Showmanship (c)  SwiftPA
Bailey Jayden Reg Black Angus-Spr Calf  SwiftBL
Bailey Madeline Crafts-Gr. 6-8  DouglasBL
Baker Andrew Jersey-3&4 Yr Old Cow  Le SueurBL
Baker Braiden Crossbred & Other Br-2 Yr Old  WabashaBL
Baker Brianna Class 32 - Breeding Beef Senior Showmanship (g)  Le Sueur 
Baker Brianna Reg Purebred Simmental-Jr Yrlg [Class A]  Le SueurBL
Baker Bridget Reg Purebred Simmental-Jr Yrlg [Class C]  Le SueurBL
Baker Bridget Class 29 - Breeding Beef Senior Showmanship (d)  Le SueurPA
Baker Hunter Class 12 - Lightweight Black Face Market Lamb (124-128 lbs.)  RockBL
Baker Hunter Class 12 - Market Lamb Intermediate Showmanship (l)  Rock 
Baker Joshua Class 33 - Breeding Beef Senior Showmanship (h)  Le SueurPA
Baker Joshua Reg Shorthorn-Jr Yrlg [Class A]  Le SueurBL
Baker Kallie Brown Swiss-Sr Yrlg  WabashaPR
Baker Katie Veterinary Science-Gr. 9+Equine Strangles - Board DouglasBL
Baker Paige Class 16 - Middleweight Black Face Market Lamb (142-145 lbs.  RockPR
Baker Paige Class 21 - Market Lamb Advanced Showmanship (b)Showmanship Market Lamb Medalion Winner RockPA
Baker Ryanne Ayrshire-Fall Calf  WabashaBL
Baker Ryanne LS Demonstration-Individual-LS Weekend  WabashaBL
Bakke Damen Reg Purebred Simmental-Jr Yrlg [Class B]  ClearwaterBL
Bakke Damen Class 19 - Breeding Beef Intermediate Showmanship (b)  ClearwaterPA
Bakken Blake Class 20 - Heavyweight Black Face Market Lamb (154-157 lbs.)  ClayBL
Bakken Blake Class 11 - Market Lamb Intermediate Showmanship (k)  Clay 
Bakken Payton Class 14 - Lightweight Black Face Market Lamb (134-136 lbs.)  ClayBL
Bakken Payton Class 7 - Market Lamb Intermediate Showmanship (g)  Clay 
Baldwin Kallie Global Connections-Gr. 9+  St. Louis - SouthBL
Baldwin Laura Performing Arts-Gr. 6-8Original Dance Number Lac Qui ParlePR
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