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4-H livestock interview process

NEW in 2017 - Transportation provided


  1. All 4-H livestock exhibitors are required to go through the interview process for their species. If this expectation is not met, the 4-Hers may place no higher than a blue and is not eligible for purples, champions or the auction. This includes showmanship awards.
  2. All interviews will be moved to the St. Paul Campus. There are two components to the interview process – the educational workshop and the computer quiz. 4-Hers will first complete the educational workshop, they will “sign in” after they complete the workshop and then move to the computer labs where they will take the computer quiz. The entire process of departing from the livestock barns, walking to St. Paul Campus, completing the educational workshop, taking the computer quiz and walking back to the State Fairgrounds is estimated to take about 2 hours. 
  3. The format for interviews is an Open House concept. This means that 4-Hers can complete the interview process at their convenience. (See times below). The interviews are not species specific.
  4. Hours for interviews are Wednesday, August 23 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. AND Thursday, August 24 from 8 am to 2 pm. Educational workshops will be conducted every half hour. 4-Hers must be in the workshop room at the beginning of the workshop or they will need to wait until the next workshop begins. NOTE: due to early shows, beef and poultry exhibitors will be prioritized for the 8 a.m. workshop on Thursday. If the room is filled with beef exhibitors, others will need to wait for the 8:30 workshop.
  5. 4-Hers that are on the State Fair Grounds during the hours of the interview process noted in #4 above, will be required to complete this process. 4-Hers who are not on the grounds during these times may take a make-up interview prior to their species show. 4-Hers that are on the grounds during these times (Wednesday, August 23 from 9 am to 7 pm AND Thursday, August 24 from 8 am to 2 pm) and DO NOT complete the Open House Interview process ARE NOT eligible for make up interviews and MAY NOT place any higher than a blue.  They WILL NOT be eligible for purples, champions or the auction.
  6. 4-Hers needing make up interviews should consult the State Fair Premium Book for the times and locations of the make up interviews for your species. All call back and final interviews are scheduled at their regular locations on the fairgrounds, not on St. Paul Campus.
  7. New in 2017 - bus transportation will be offered thanks to a sponsorship from Minnesota Livestock Breeders Association. The bus schedule as well as drop off and pick up sites for interview buses will be posted in each 4-H species office. The workshops are in Ruttan Hall on the St. Paul Campus. 4-Hers may walk to the interviews and back, but should not walk to or from the interviews alone.
  8. 4-Hers needing assistance with the computer quizzes should self-identify or have their parents identify to the assistant and/or State 4-H Ambassador assigned to each computer lab.
  9. Dairy exhibitor interviews are somewhat different than other species. It has not changed from previous years. They are scheduled on Friday.  Dairy exhibitors should consult the Premium Book for times.
  10. 4-H families with questions about this new process should call the 4-H livestock office at 651-643-6188 or 651-260-8088

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