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Forage, bedding and equipment county allotments

4-H Beef exhibitors will be charged $10 per exhibitor to assist with the added cost of wood chips in the barn and tie out areas. This fee will be assessed for each exhibitor as part of completing Form 41 at state fair registration time.

Beef exhibitors should plan to bring all feed. All 4-H Poultry and Rabbit exhibitors will be provided with shavings, but should bring their own feed.

All other species – Dairy ($8), Sheep ($5), Swine ($5), Goats – both dairy and meat ($5) and Lama ($5) will not receive hay or bedding allotments. Instead, they will receive a county dollar allotment to be paid to the County 4-H program by the Minnesota State Fair. The allotment is per animal in the county livestock delegation and will be equal to the amount indicated above.

Each county livestock delegation should plan to store daily needs in the barn and can store additional quantities in livestock trailers supplied by the county and parked in the livestock trailer area, which is across the street from the fairgrounds. A convenient shuttle system is supplied by the Minnesota State Fair to bring feed, bedding and supplies onto the grounds during the day. Additionally, counties may set up a charge account with the forage department. Up to three people may be listed as approved by local 4-H staff to charge feed and bedding against the county account. They will be required to provide a driver’s license ID when placing the order. 4-Hers may use a student photo ID. Counties wishing to set up an account will specifically authorize these individuals on their Form 5 - the county/tribal container data collection form.

As usual, 4-H families can buy feed and bedding individually from the State Fair Forage Department who will require on the spot cash payment for all ordered. Feeding, watering and cleaning equipment will not be provided. 4-Hers should provide their own equipment and counties should bring cleaning equipment such as brooms, forks, etc.

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