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Program planning tool for 4-H volunteers (risk management)

Minnesota 4-H is committed to providing safe and healthy environments for youth and adults participating in 4-H programs and activities.

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Using the Overall risk management policies and practices, answer the following risk management questions as you plan 4-H programs.

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  1. What are the requirements for youth participation?
  1. What are the requirements for volunteer participation?
  1. What are the supervision requirements?
  1. What are the guidelines for adult/youth interactions?
  1. What are the scheduling requirements?
  1. What are the medical and emergency procedures that need to be in place?
  1. What are the requirements or limitations for the 4-H outings and activities that are planned?
  1. What are the requirements for use of facilities?
  1. If an overnight event, what are the requirements for room and sleeping arrangements?
  1. What are the transportation requirements?
  1. What are the requirements for serving or selling food?
  1. What insurance coverage is needed?
  1. In addition to the general program policies and practices listed above, use the following topic specific information sheets when planning 4-H programs and activities.
  2. Activities and Outings

    Project-specific risk management

  1. What additional questions do you need to discuss with your County 4-H Program Coordinator?

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