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Fishing Sports

Explore fishing in the Land of 10,000+ Lakes. Learn about fish species and habitats; experiment with fishing gear, baits and lures; tie knots, lines and flies; research fishing regulations; and explore careers related to fishing. New to 4-H? Get involved in the Fishing Sports project!

2 girls fishing

What you can do

Level 1: Fishing Curriculum 1 - Take the Bait

Have fun tying knots, casting to a target, rigging various lines, selecting tackle, identifying where fish are, using different baits & lures, identifying fish, and identifying internal and external fish parts.

Level 2: Fishing Curriculum 2 - Reel in the Fun

Cast using a spinning rod, fly rod, and bait-casting reel, practice responsible citizenship, research fishing regulations, decorate a lure, sew a fly wallet, tie an artificial fly and test a water sample.

Level 3: Fishing Curriculum 3 - Cast Into The Future

Demonstrate how to disassemble and reassemble a fishing reel, design and conduct a sportfishing skillathon, make artificial flies, design and craft a lure, customize tackle, build and use a kick net, respond to ethical situations, and interview a professional fisherman.

For all levels

For adult leaders

Record keeping & evaluation


New to 4-H? Get involved in the Fishing Sports project!

Nicole Pokorney, Extension educator

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