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Ride for transportation, exercise, or competition! Learn the essentials for getting started safely and successfully, including how to choose a bike, bike maintenance and repair, and road rules to make riding safe and fun. Join a cycling club in your community, ride off-road, tour, or race!

four kids riding bikes on a grassy field

What you can do

Level 1: Bicycle 1 - Bicycling for Fun

Discover the joy of riding a bicycle; understand why helmets are important and how they should fit; learn basic bicycle maintenance: check tires, brakes and chain; demonstrate safe cycling skills.

Level 2: Bicycle 2 - Wheels in Motion

Know what to consider in purchasing a bicycle; recognize different types of wires and valves; adjust seats, handle bars and brakes; put a chain on a bicycle; read maps and plan routes.

Level 3: Bicycle 3 - Fix It!

Perform preventive maintenance and repairs.

For adult leaders

Record keeping & evaluation


New to 4-H? Get involved with the Bicycle Project!

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