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A global youth citizenship curriculum

A program model and curriculum designed to show young people that they are participants in a global society and to prepare them to thrive in culturally diverse settings. Developed for middle school-aged youth, approximately ages 11-14, but can be adapted for other age groups.

The program model is designed for nonformal education settings such as afterschool programs or clubs. The lessons are a coordinated series of experiential and interactive exercises that help guide youth beyond knowing that they are citizens of the globe to an acknowledgement of their responsibilities to each other and the world around them. They help youth examine their everyday lives and move them to take action that leads toward positive change.


Facilitator Guide (80 pages) $20.99

Developed by Jennifer Skuza and Jessica Pierson Russo
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  • WeConnect Overview
  • WeConnect Learning Objectives
  • Youth Development Framework/Middle School Youth
  • WeConnect Program Model
  • WeConnect Content Model
  • Phase 1: Exploring
    • Lesson 1: WeConnect
    • Lesson 2: Exploring fear
    • Lesson 3: The interconnection of fear, identity, and diversity
    • Lesson 4: Identity
    • Lesson 5: Culture
    • Lesson 6: Collective cultural identity and individual biographies
  • Phase 2: Stretching
    • Lesson 7: I am about … a poetic self-portrait
    • Lesson 8: Values
    • Lesson 9: Evaluating perceptions and assumptions
    • Lesson 10: Shifting frames of reference: A look at other worlds
    • Lesson 11: Listening to and learning about others
  • Phase 3: Challenging
    • Lesson 12: Challenging assumptions: Generalizations
    • Lesson 13: Stereotypes
    • Lesson 14: Marginalization
    • Lesson 15: The roles of power and privilege
    • Phase 4: Connecting
    • Lesson 16: Cultural plunge
    • Lesson 17: Taking responsibility
    • Lesson 18: Interdependence
    • Lesson 19: Global citizenship
    • Lesson 20: Global citizenship in action
  • Glossary
  • WeConnect Evaluation
  • Endnotes
  • Materials and Handouts

Partnering opportunities

In addition to the full-length curriculum, the authors have designed 1½-hour and 3-hour training modules and are interested in working with partners who want to train staff or volunteers on the model and curriculum. Please contact Jennifer Skuza or Jessica Pierson Russo for more information.

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