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Vegetable Gardening

Grow your own veggies! Discover how to plant, water, fertilize and manage weeds, insects and diseases in your vegetable garden. Learn how plants respond to light, make a worm box, freeze vegetables, make a compost, test and improve soil, and cross-pollinate flowers. Explore plant genetics, hydroponics and careers. New to 4-H? Get involved in the Vegetable Gardening project!

Child and Adult digging in soil

What you can do

Level 1: Gardening Curriculum A - See Them Sprout

Youth learn how to plan an in-ground or container garden; how to prepare the soil; and when, where, and what to plant. 

Level 2: Gardening Curriculum B - Let's Get Growing

Youth learn how to modify their garden plans. Other topics include seed varieties and cultivars, starting seeds indoors, using transplants, and composting. 

Level 3: Gardening Curriculum C - Take Your Pick

Learn different planting methods, how to improve soil and how to extend the growing season.

Level 4: Gardening Curriculum D - Growing Profits

Make the most of your garden space using different planting methods, then how to harvest, store, preserve and/or sell their bounty of vegetables and herbs. 

All levels

For adult leaders

Record keeping & evaluation


New to 4-H? Get involved in the Vegetable Gardening project!

Rebecca Harrington, Extension educator

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