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Gardening & Agriculture Projects

Under the right conditions, a tiny seed can transform into a complex, useful plant in a matter of weeks! Learn the skills and tools to grow fruit, vegetables and plants in various environments. Explore a career as a master gardener, farmer, landscape designer or other agricultural interests!

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Gardening & agriculture projects

Science of Agriculture

Develop science-based responses to agriculture-related issues identified in your communities.

Indoor Gardening

Learn about seeds, soil, watering, terrariums, dish gardens and house plants.

Flower Gardening

Learn about annuals, biennials, and perennials, design and plant a garden, or create flower arrangements.

Crop Science

Learn about Minnesota crops, soil fertility, weed and insect pests, food storage and business.


Learn the difference between a Russet, Carola and Yukon gold, and how potatoes are best grown, stored and cooked.


Learn about maintenance, restoration and operation, fuels, hydraulic and electrical systems, and safety.

Animal Science

If you love animals, these are the projects for you! Animal Science projects help you learn about selecting, feeding, managing, caring for, judging, training and showing animals.


If you find that no single project is quite right for you, you can develop your own project. Be your own researcher, scientist, artist, communicator, and evaluator. Ask your local 4-H leader or Extension staff for resources to help create your own project area.

Vegetable Gardening

Learn about plants, watering, fertilizing, and managing weeds, insects and diseases.

Plant & Soil Science

Learn about parts of a plant, photosynthesis, cross-pollination, soil, erosion and more.


Learn how to plant, water, fertilize and prune your fruit plants and to manage weeds, insects and diseases.

Lawn & Landscape Design

Learn to design, plant and manage your outdoor landscape of grass, shrubs, and trees.

Small Engines

Learn about building and maintenance, tools, rules and regulations, safety issues, and careers.


4-H Cloverbuds explore and learn about the world in a non-competitive environment by doing fun activities with the guidance of parents or other adult helpers.

State & regional events

To view county or local club events, visit the county website.

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Minnesota State Fair

4-H plays a pivotal role in youth development and public education at the Minnesota State Fair. More than 7,000 4-H youth have the opportunity to interact with the public and educate fairgoers through 4-H exhibits, demonstrations, performances, and 4-H promotion.

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