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Insects! Bugs! Pollinators! Little critters like butterflies, spiders, bees, dragonflies and many others make up more than one-third of all organisms on earth. In this project, you'll identify insects around you and how they contribute to our world, do experiments, research and learn about careers in entomology. New to 4-H? Get involved in the Entomology project!

A brief interview between a graduate assistant and D2D Youth research team member about their collaboration on an investigation of monarch response to microclimate temperature variation on milkweed.

What you can do

Level 1: Entomology Curriculum 1 - Teaming with Insects

Learn the body parts of insects and what they do, pest management, why studying insects is important and solving crimes using insects!

Level 2: Entomology Curriculum 2 - Teaming with Insects

Learn about how to collect insects, the amazing diversity of insect types, and gain a deeper appreciation for insects.

Level 3: Entomology Curriculum 3 - Teaming with Insects

Learn about doing research and in-depth study of insects, the scientific method and record-keeping, invasive species and teaching others about entomology.

For adult leaders

Record keeping & evaluation

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