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Horse Bowl

Chairpersons: Meg Sax and Lisa Wierschke

Dates - See Calendar University of Minnesota Bowl Site

Project Bowl Behavioral Contract - Required

The Horse Project Bowl is a knowledge bowl contest between 4-H'ers on two teams. The Regional contests are usually held in March at 4 locations around the state. The State contest is held in April. All project areas, including Dairy, Dog, General Livestock, Horse, Poultry, Rabbit, and Wildlife are held at the same time.

The two age groups are Junior (grades 3 through 8) and Senior (grades 4 through one year past high school). Teams may consist of 3-6 4-H'ers. A typical team is 4 members with 1 or 2 alternates. Three person teams are allowed. Twelve (12) Junior and twelve (12) Senior teams are chosen from the regional contests to compete at the state contest. The top winners from these teams are sent to the following national contests:

The Senior National Trips require that all team members and alternates must be beyond their 14th birthday, but not have reached their 19th birthday on January 1st of the year they qualify for the national contest. This ruling will affect the Senior trip to Louisville and the 2 Senior trips to Quarter Horse Congress.

Knowledge Bowl contests are a fun way to learn about horses. The 4-H'ers develop other skills such as teamwork, study skills, and confidence in speaking. The questions are taken from a group of reference materials, listed below. Many teams also compete in the Hippology Contest, held during the State Horse Show. The information studied in both contests is very similar. For further information see the Hippology Contest.

Beginning teams start with a group of interested youth and adults, from one or more counties. Most teams meet weekly to practice in the months before the regional contests. Many have developed lists of questions to use in practice. For those just starting, having each team member write questions on 3 x 5 cards each week will develop a data bank of questions for practice, as well as encourage the members to study the materials.


You may contact Meg Sax 320-983-2679 (email: You can also contact other teams or coaches for advice.


The current reference list is on the state bowl site.


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