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Learn how to keep your cat safe, healthy and active. Topics include breeds, handling, grooming, feeding, budget, cat senses and behavior, the meaning of cat sounds, tricks to teach a cat, emergency situations, traveling with a cat, diseases, reproduction, genetics and showmanship. New to 4-H? Get involved in the Cat Project!

red haired boy and tabby cat

What you can do

Level 1: Cat 1 - Purr-fect Pals

Explore breeds, cat senses, shows, tricks, signs of illness and health, cat sounds, emergency situations, feeding, special diets and traveling with a cat.

Level 2: Cat 2 - Climbing Up!

Learn more about cat identification and characteristics, training and showing, health and nutritional needs and cat ownership.

Level 3: Cat 3 - Leaping Forward

Learn about organizing events, investigate complicated issues, give presentations, teach others and make decisions.

For adult leaders

  • Cat - Helper's Guide
  • Cat - Set of Four
  • Record keeping & evaluation


    New to 4-H? Get involved in the Cat Project!

    Renee Kostick, Extension educator

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