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Small Engines

Lawn mowers, go-karts and ATVs all run on small combustion engines. Learn about internal and external engine parts, tools, rules and regulations, safety issues, and career possibilities. Troubleshoot problems with a small engine, rebuild it and operate it safely.

young man working on an engine

What you can do

Level 1: Crank It Up

Identify engine parts and oil grade differences, demonstrate spark plug maintenance, understand the importance of safety labels and which machine to use for which job.

Level 2: Warm It Up

Classify small engine types, identify internal parts of an engine, adjust a carburetor, calculate compression ratios, seasoning their engines, describe effects of changing gears and follow procedures for tearing down an engine.

Level 3: Tune It Up

Tear down and rebuild an engine's air and fuel systems, electrical system and engine base. Sharpen a lawnmower blade, match engine sounds to problems and adjustments, use diagnostic tools and explain calculations and considerations in determining whether or not to start a small business.

For adult leaders

Record keeping & evaluation


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