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Robots aren't science fiction - they do real work in factories and in space! Learn to design, build and program a robot to accomplish a specific task. Use skills in engineering design, research and development, and learn to analyze and interpret data.

3 boys working with robots

What you can do

Level 1: Junk Drawer Robotics 1 - Give Robotics a Hand

Explore the function and design of robotic arms. Study movement and power sources of robotic hands, grippers and other end effectors. Study air pressure and its ability to provide power and movement. Assemble a robotic arm and hand.

Level 2: Junk Drawer Robotics 2 - Robots on the Move

Learn about buoyancy and different types of friction; compare and select materials based on how they may affect friction. Identify simple machines; explore electronic circuit; study, design and build mobile robot ROVs (remotely operated vehicle) and other subsystems.

Level 3: Junk Drawer Robotics 3 - Mechatronics

Build basic circuits, investigate elements of programming and instructions for robotic computer control.

All levels: Junk Drawer Robotics Curriculum Youth Notebook


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Mark Haugen, Extension educator

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