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Engineering Design

Learn about engineering design processes through hands-on projects. These projects extend a design challenge revolving around the building of a simple model of a familiar technology and improving its performance.

boy and girl lining up dominoes

What you can do

Engineering Design Challenge

The Minnesota 4-H Engineering Design Challenge is an opportunity for teams to apply their STEM knowledge and learn new skills while solving a problem in a creative and crazy way.

For adult leaders

Introduction to the NGSS science and engineering practices framework (PDF)

4-H clubs and programs can complete the ink chromatography experiment seen in the video Who took my book? by using the following resources:

Videos and lesson plans

These short videos and lesson plans demonstrate STEM activities.

Please give us your feedback! Complete this short survey to let us know if the videos helped you better understand each lesson.

Who Took My Book? Kris Klover uses science and engineering practices to solve the mystery of who took his book.

Record keeping & evaluation


New to 4-H? Get involved in Engineering Design!

Brian McNeill, Extension educator

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