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Build and launch a rocket, design an airplane or fly your own hot-air balloon. Learn about the science of flight by doing hands-on activities like these and more. Working on a team or individually, you may even discover your future career! New to 4-H? Get involved with the Aerospace project!

boy preparing to launch a rocket

What you can do

Level 1: Aerospace Adventures 1 - Pre Flight

Build a marshmallow rocket, study aviation careers, examine how airplanes work. (4 activities, total)

Level 2: Aerospace Adventures 2 - Lift Off

Buld a straw rocket, learn about weather conditions, make a paper hot air balloon, learn the International Phonetic Alphabet. (13 activities, total)

Level 3: Aerospace Adventures 3 - Reaching New Heights

Make a shuttle on a string, make a Japanese kite, build a hang glider, learn about a control panel of an aircraft.(12 activities, total)

Level 4: Aerospace Adventures 4 - Pilot in Command

Create an altitude tracker, determine fuel efficiency for a commercial aircraft, explore pilot certification, evaluate navigation systems, learn about airport issues. (12 activities, total)

For adult leaders

Record keeping & evaluation


New to 4-H? Get involved with the Aerospace project!

Mark Haugen, Extension educator

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