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Minnesota 4-H Project Bowl


2015 Dairy references

2015 4-H Dairy Information Sheet (PDF) NEW-2015 edition

Dairy Cow Unified Scorecard (PDF)
Published by the Purebred Dairy Cattle Association (Revised 2009).

Feeding the Dairy Herd from the University of Minnesota Extension.
(revised 1994/reviewed 1996)

Learning About Dairy...A Resource Guide for the 4-H Dairy Project (new version)

Dairy Goat 1 - Getting Your Goat (revised 2006) 08352

Dairy Goat 2 - Stepping Out (revised 2006) 08353

Dairy Goat 3 - Showing the Way (revised 2006) 08354

Dairy Goat - Dairy Goat Helper's Guide (revised 2006)08355

Additional references for seniors

Dairy Facts from Hoard's Dairyman (2000-2013) (PDF) Updated for 2015

Hoard's Dairyman (all 2014 issues) NEW

Practical Techniques for Dairy Farmers (3rd Edition) (2 MB PDF)
Available to download in 10 sections

Notes about all dairy references:

All resources on this page have been reviewed by our faculty and included for their educational value. No endorsement is intended or implied. Minnesota 4-H does not profit from the inclusion of any commercial project resources.

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