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Minnesota 4-H Poultry Prince & Princess Contest

A scholarship program of Minnesota 4-H and Gold'n Plump

Welcome back to all of the 4-H members who participated at the 2014 Minnesota State Fair in various 4-H poultry competitions. A special congratulations to everyone who took part in the 2014 Poultry Prince and Princess Contest and an even bigger congratulations to the 201 winners, Tyler Amick and Hayley Carlson! After another great year, we continue to be excited for the Poultry Prince and Princess Scholarship Program! To see what the buzz is all about, check out this fun video


2014 Poultry Prince & Princess Tyler Amick & Hayley Carlson

How Can I Participate?

Who can attend?

The Minnesota 4-H Poultry Prince and Princess Contest at the Minnesota State Fair is an exciting opportunity for 4-H youth to be recognized for their poultry knowledge, experience, leadership and confidence. To be an eligible contestant of the Poultry Prince and Princess program, you must:

* Note: contestants are not eligible during the 13th grade in 4-H. Poultry Prince and Princess duties occur during the next 4-H year, which is why those in their final 4-H year are not eligible.

What if I'm Named Poultry Prince or Princess?

We invite all Minnesota 4-H poultry members to participate in the fifth annual Poultry Prince and Princess Contest: A Scholarship Program of Minnesota 4-H and Gold'n Plump for the chance to:

2014 Minnesota 4-H Poultry Prince and Princess Contest Schedule:

Eligibility: Take part in 4-H Poultry Showmanship and 4-H Chicken BBQ contests. Both are mandatory for you to qualify for the final Q&A Stage Presence round. Participating in the Judging Contest is optional, but can earn you more qualifying points.
Below is a breakdown of the required events for this year's contest:

  1. 4-H Poultry Interview/Quiz/Showmanship - Thursday, August 21 - Sheep & Poultry Barn
  2. Optional Poultry Judging Contest - Friday, August 22 - Sheep & Poultry Barn
  3. Chicken BBQ Contest - Saturday, August 23 - East side of the Coliseum (Clough St. & Judson Ave.)
  4. 4-H Q&A Stage Presence - Sunday, August 24 - Sheep & Poultry Barn

On Saturday, August 23, the top three male and three female contestants from the first two categories will be invited back to compete in the August 24 Q&A Stage Presence. The fifth annual 4-H Poultry Prince and Princess will be crowned immediately following the third round.

To enter you must fill out the online application and entry questionnaire by 10 a.m. on Friday, August 22, 2014. The 2015 application will open in July 2015.

Registration: To learn more details about the 2014 contest, please see the flyer below. To register, complete the online entry questionnaire. If you do not have access to the internet to complete your application, you can either use a computer at your local extension office (call first to schedule an appointment) or complete it at the State Fair. If you choose to wait until you have arrived at the State Fair, there will be four computers available for your use at the Fair grounds. They will be located in the back of the livestock publicity trailer, between the large cattle barn and orange annex (across from wash racks). Once you get on a computer at the State Fair, you will be allowed 30 minutes to complete your application, so we encourage you to apply before the Fair starts or come prepared with your answers.

The application will ask questions about your involvement in 4-H activities and why you are interested in competing in the Poultry Prince and Princess Contest. Each response carries a maximum of 75 words. If you go over this amount, the characters beyond this limit will be deleted. This format assures continuity in all applications.

2014 Information:


Brad Rugg
4-H Program Director
1-800-444-4238 (ext. 775)

Karen Nelson
1-800-444-4238 (ext. 222)

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