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Minnesota 4-H Dairy Showcase

"Recognizing the involvement, dedication, and passion of Minnesota's dairy youth."

Cow and 4-H'er

2016 First Place Dairy Showcase
Haely Leiding

2016 Winners

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Minnesota Livestock Breeder' Association

2017 Dairy Showcase information flyer

2017 Dairy Showcase sponsorship details

Who can participate?

State fair 4-H dairy cattle exhibitors who receive a purple or blue ribbon in their class will qualify for the Showcase. Points will be earned for their involvement and success with the state fair interview process, dairy project bowl, dairy judging contest and showmanship. Youth will also complete an online leadership portfolio that awards points in the areas of 4-H and dairy industry involvement and leadership, along with community, school or church involvement. The portfolios will be judged by a panel of anonymous judges. All of these things will be compiled in a scorecard format and the top 25 applicants will be announced Saturday evening following the dairy show.

What if I'm selected?

If you are selected as one of the top 25, you will be recognized on the Sunday of Livestock Weekend at an event recognizing you, while also celebrating the Minnesota 4-H Dairy Showcase! Selected youth will receive a monetary award as a thank you for being part of our industry's bright future! The amount of each monetary award will be based on a sliding scale, determined by the total amount of money donated during the year.

What is the leadership portfolio?

The easy-to-complete online leadership portfolio will ask about involvement and leadership in the dairy industry, 4-H, community, church and school. Two brief questions will give youth the opportunity to share what they have learned in the dairy project this past year and goals for the upcoming year. The 2016 leadership profile worksheet will be available here before the state fair. Computers will be on hand at the fair for participants who can't complete the portfolio before they arrive.

Are there any limitations?

There is no age limit. All 4-H state fair dairy exhibitors are eligible and encouraged to apply, as long as their animal has received a purple or blue ribbon in their respective class that year and they value the experiences the dairy industry has offered them. There is no limit to the number of times a 4-Her can be recognized in the Showcase.

2017 Information


Bradley W Rugg
Fairs & animal science programs director, Extension Center for Youth Development

Patrick Jirik
Extension educator, Rochester Regional Center

Sarah Schmidt
Minnesota 4-H Dairy Showcase committee co-chair

Bob Sheehan committee co-chair

Steve Pooch
Minnesota 4-H Dairy Showcase committee finance chair

Other dairy showcase steering committee members:

Lana Olson

Theresa Twohey

Virginia Mold

Les Hansen

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