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Samantha Grant

Evaluation director

Current work, research and interests

Samantha Grant PhotoSamantha Grant serves as the evaluation director at the Center for Youth Development and is based in the Rochester regional office. As part of her work, she has designed and implemented evaluations for youth workers and with youth in the Minnesota 4-H program. She also brings a solid youth worker background to her evaluation as she has led initiatives to reach new and underserved audiences through the 4-H program. Her evaluation work focuses on helping staff deliver high quality learning environments for youth. She gets energy from utilization focused evaluation and from presenting data effectively through visual reports and presentations.

Academic degrees and experience

Selected publications

Scott, S., Grant, S., & Nippolt, P.L. (2015, October). Engaging Focus Group Methodology: The 4-H Middle School-Aged Youth Learning and Leading Study. Journal of Extension,53 (5).

Herman, M. & Grant, S. (2015, August). Minnesota 4-H Youth Program Quality Improvement Model. Journal of Extension, 53(4).

Gupta, A., Grant, S., & Strauss, A. (2012). 4-H & forestry afterschool clubs: A collaboration to foster stewardship attitudes and behaviors in youth. Journal of Extension, 50(3).

Walter, A. & Grant, S. (2011). Developing culturally responsive youth workers. Journal of Extension, 49(5).

Grant, S. & Vogel, E. (2009). 4-H program quality assessment: Can volunteers improve quality? International Journal of Volunteer Administration, XXVI(3), 32-41.

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