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Kari Robideau

Extension educator & associate Extension professor

Current work, research and interests

Kari Robideau PhotoKari is a Youth Development Extension educator, associate Extension professor, with the University of Minnesota Extension Center for Youth Development. She has a specialized role in distance learning technologies and concentrates on the development of online opportunities for 4-H staff and others who work with or on behalf of youth. Her development model for non-credit adult learners is used internally to create cohort-based courses and asynchronous 4-H volunteer training modules. Recently, her expertise was sought to lead the development of a nationally offered online course for the North Central Region Volunteer Specialists.  Her teaching and research interests are in creating engaging and interactive web-based learning environments.

Kari provides leadership for the design and development of a variety of ongoing educational opportunities, including: the Youth Development Brown Bag Webinar Series, Youth Development Podcast Series, and online courses including self-studies and online cohort based courses.

Past work experiences include working with children, youth and families as a youth practitioner, parent educator and college instructor. She has worked with young people in the 4-H program; been a coordinator for a year-long ninth-grade youth leadership program; supported youth-in-philanthropy board; and has provided technical assistance to a community planning process to help youth and adults form stronger partnerships. As a college instructor, she has taught courses to emerging adults seeking child & family studies and education degrees. Through parent education, college instruction and community organizing efforts, Kari has found the value of educating adults who work with young people to help foster purposeful, high-quality programs and opportunities for youth.

Learn more on Kari's linkedin profile.

Academic degrees and experience

Selected publications and resources

Online course development for non-credit adult learners

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