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Displaying RSS feeds

  1. Place the following code in the head of the page you want to add the feed to:
    <!-- #include virtual = "/lib/asp/" -->
  2. Choose from one of the four display options (short, medium, long, super-long):

    Short version

    Embed this code where you want the feed to be displayed:

    <%=GetRSSLinks("", 5, "short")%>

    Medium version

    <%=GetRSSLinks("", 5, "medium")%>

    Long version

    <%=GetRSSLinks("", 5, "long")%>

    Super long version

    <%=GetRSSLinks("", 5, "super-long")%>
  3. Replace the URL with your blog's RSS feed URL and the "5" with the number of items you want listed


Short version

Medium version

Long version

Super Long version

This script was designed to work well with feeds from Delicious and UThink blogs.

Ideal situation


<div class="module">
  <h2>Ag news <a href="blog feed url"><img src="/assets/img/e-icon-rss.gif" alt="RSS Feed" /></a></h2>
  <%=GetRSSLinks("blog feed url", 3, "short")%>

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