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Small feature instructions

The feature consists of 3 things. The headline, image and blurb.

You may be asked to add a feature to a page. You will be given the headline, an image and a blurb. Features are placed onto pages using server-side includes.

Create feature

  1. Within Dreamweaver, checkout and open the DEV-Extension/features/index.html.
  2. Also, checkout /features/template.html. Fill in the headline, image and blurb information and Save as Copy to your local /features/ folder using this format: mm-dd-yyyy.html (use today's date). You may have to create more than one feature per day. If that's the case name the other files mm-dd-yyyyb.html, mm-dd-yyyyc.html, mm-dd-yyyyd.html, etc.
  3. Create a 110px wide by 85px tall image and save to your local /features/img/ folder using the mm-dd-yyyy.jpg (or .gif) naming convention. Match the name of your HTML file.
  4. Upload the HTML file and image to their respective folders on the development server.

Place feature on feature index page

View the features index page.

  1. Place the feature on /features/ using it's SSI into it's correct archival spot. Example:
    <!-- Feature Start -->
    <!-- #include virtual ="/features/07-15-2010.html" -->
    <!-- Feature End -->
  2. Remember to check everything back in!

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