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Strengthen your family life

Step away from the nitpicking

A family enjoying a book

Your family will be happier and your home life more enjoyable if you reinforce what you love most about your family life. Family relations experts with University of Minnesota Extension have the research to prove it.

The Extension findings are available in an easy-to-read handbook packed with activities (and mini-posters!) that appeal to grownups and kids alike. Used as a blueprint for familial bliss, "Building Family Strengths: A Toolkit for Families" can help strengthen the family core, even if you didn't just step out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

Showing appreciation is crucial to building solid relationships, according to Jo Musich, Extension family relations educator. Families function like companies in many ways. Family members, like employees, thrive on positive reinforcement. (When was the last time someone griped about being praised for a job well done?) Other attributes integral to a strong family foundation include:

Book cover

The publication sells for $11.95. Purchase here.

For more information about how to improve family life, visit Extension's Parent Education site.

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