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Minnesota tourism feels a shift in the wind

family with kids and adults on bikes

From lakes to bike trails, and snowshoeing to paddle boarding, Minnesota has long treasured its outdoor spaces and pastimes. Today, you’ll find a mix of long-standing and new ways to enjoy nature in the state.

But while much remains the same, there is also change in that fresh Minnesota air.

The University of Minnesota Tourism Center consults with industry and communities to identify opportunities. “We deliver the research that communities need and want right now,” says Xinyi Qian, University of Minnesota Extension tourism specialist.

The Tourism Center is watching:

  • The sharing economy. Ridesharing and rentals will need to constructively coexist with the traditional travel industry.
  • Habits and preferences. As cultures and generations change, so does the way people vacation. Trends include shorter trips and multigenerational travel.
  • Agritourism. There’s more interest than ever in tasting local foods and sipping Minnesota wine and craft beer. These experiences connect visitors with producers and products from across Minnesota.
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