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Partnering for School Success

Female high school student showing a vial of strawberry DNA

A high school student successfully extracts DNA from a strawberry during a field trip to the University of Minnesota with Extension’s Partnering for School Success program.

Improving the success of Latino students requires changes in schools, families and communities, but that’s easier when cultural and linguistic barriers come down.

Partnering for School Success is a partnership among Extension, Triton (Dodge Center) and Faribault Middle Schools. It connects global, national, community, family and individual experiences to understand the context in which the Latino community lives and grows. Field trips to a community college and the U of M campuses are one way the program motivates families.

The goal is to create environments that are resilient, healthy and secure for immigrant families as they overcome obstacles and support their children in graduating from high school and seeking higher education.

Funding support through a Children, Youth and Families at Risk (CYFAR) grant.

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