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Beaver Bay Project


Schematic development of trailhead and City Park for City of Beaver Bay, with associated estimated of cost for design and construction.


University Of Minnesota partners: NERSDP
Community partners: ARDC, Partners & Simy, and Lake County


First, met with stakeholders to assess the current thinking on the project. Then, researched we any available site boundary, utility and topographic information. Requested a survey to verify that the limits of the site would accommodate the desired layout, and adjusted the plan accordingly. Finally, met with stakeholders again, for additional comments and review.


Schematic Design has been completed for the Park, along with preliminary pricing appropriate to this level of development. The Park design cost estimate has been broken into 2 phases, providing some flexibility in funding levels. A separate preliminary streetscape design for Highway 61 has been laid out in Cad, which is ready for review and comment by stakeholders. In addition, there is interest at the County level to improve an adjacent roadway, which would further enhance the park, and its connection to the City owned museum across the roadway.



Leveraged resources

In-kind donation of time.

Last updated 7-2-2006
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