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Integrating Algae into Aquaponics


Identify species of algae (or duckweed) that could service as an economically viable source of food for our fish and/or a source of oil for bio-diesel production.


UM Northeast Regional Sustainable Development Partnership, MN Pollution Control Agency, City of Silver Bay, Iron Range Resources and rehabilitation Board, UM Institute for Renewable Energy and the Environment, University of Minnesota - Duluth, MN DEED.


Duckweed and 6 different species of algae were grown in mini-trough to determine their growth rates, harvestability, oil production, and feed quality. Two of these species were also grown in large scale production troughs to determine sustainable daily harvests. Species were compared based on above criteria and the best performing (most economically viable) determined.


Duckweed emerged as the fastest growing and most easily harvestable species. We plan to incorporate duckweed into the production system.



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Last updated 11-2-2014
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