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Minnesota Women's Woodland Network


Minnesota Women's Woodland Network (MN WWN) program is dedicated to building a community of women woodland owners, their families and land managers to nurture a land ethic and to maintain the health and productivity of Minnesota's forests. MN WWN seeks to engage and educate this underserved audience that has historically had little involvement in, knowledge of, or interest in managing their family's forest land. This project is designed to engage the MN WWN in a Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) study that will result in greater understanding of women as landowners, forest management practices, and improve outreach delivery practices.



Working with a project consultant, Dr. Karlyn Eckman (a researcher with the University of Minnesota Department of Forest Resources), we will use the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) study method for formative evaluation (Eckman et al 2012; Eckman et al 2013). KAP studies are short focused surveys that measure changes over time, are customized for a specific audience or group, and provide insights into existing issues that a group may have (e.g., their needs, ownership trends, barriers, and other dimensions critical to programs and agencies that interact with them.)

Beyond the KAP study, strategic steps will be taken to move the project forward by empowering the NERSDP and interested members of the MN WWN to engage in discussions that will elevate awareness of issues and garner support for the program to solve gender related woodland ownership and management issues. Intentional conversations will be pursued with University of Minnesota Women's Center and interested faculty about women's preferred learning styles, demographics of forest ownership, understanding of forestry, and leadership needs for the program. It is hoped that engaging in this conversation will enhance awareness, and also assist in growth of the program.


The MN WWN will have new and stronger partnerships. The resources, expertise and information exchange generated through these partnerships and the resulting research and educational activities will lead to improved forestry education for women landowners within and leadership pool with the MN WWN. Better program delivery, stronger leadership and partnerships will lead to an increased knowledge base within this underserved target audience, which will ultimately result in healthy forests in Minnesota.



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