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RSDP Happenings - Focus: Central Region

June 2013

SPROUT MN's converted biodiesel refrigerated truck

SPROUT MN's converted biodiesel refrigerated truck will replace the pickup truck used by Arlene Jones to haul produce for local growers.

Truckin' local foods with biofuel

A one-ton refrigeration truck will soon be motoring along the rural roads of central Minnesota, providing a valuable service to local farmers but also serving as a constant reminder of the importance of sustainable agriculture, local foods and biofuels.

The truck, a 1997 Ford F350 with a refrigerated box, is a collaboration between the University of Minnesota Extension's Regional Sustainable Development Partnership (RSDP), Central Lakes College in Staples and SPROUT MN, a Brainerd-based local food hub.

The truck will be used to collect raw produce from farmers around the Staples, Wadena and Brainerd areas and will deliver it to locations for processing. SPROUT MN picks up processed food and delivers it to institutions for consumption.

What people will learn about the truck is that it runs on biodiesel made from locally grown canola oil - the same kind of canola oil you use for cooking. The college's Agricultural and Energy Center grows the canola, harvests it, extracts the oil from the seeds and then converts it to biodiesel using its own portable biodiesel plant. Director Bob Schafer said the center has 1,200 gallons of canola oil from last year's harvest set aside to make into biofuel. Its goal is to produce 10,000 gallons of oil this year from 200 acres of canola and camelina that the center farms.

Schafer, who chairs the Central RSDP's Board of Directors, understands the need for sustainable agriculture and local food hubs like SPROUT MN. RSDP's mission is to build partnerships that strengthen and support Minnesota's small towns by addressing needs in agriculture, natural resources, tourism and energy.

SPROUT MN's truck is a shining example of how RSDP is meeting its mission. For Schafer, it's a small project within a much larger effort, which involves making the ag center's 800-acre farm an all-renewable energy farm by this fall. Most of the farm equipment, for example, is running on oil from crops grown by the center and processed into biofuel.

"The farm is the only one in the Minnesota State Colleges and University system and is financially self-sustaining," Schafer said. "In addition to canola and camelina, we grow malting barley for companies like Miller Brewing and kidney beans for Wendy's chili, as well as soy beans and corn. It's a great example of what RSDP is all about."

Once the truck hits the roads later this summer, it'll be busy as the number of local foods farmers increases and the demand for local foods rises. There are currently about 75 local growers in the Staples, Wadena and Brainerd areas who raise everything from tomatoes, lettuce and kale to squash, green beans and carrots. The SPROUT MN truck will visit local farms and pick up fresh produce, dropping it off at either Brainerd Senior High School or Central Lakes College's Staples campus. The college has a commercial kitchen that can be used by growers to process and package their produce, such as dicing carrots, cooking sauces, or chopping and mixing cole slaw.

Brainerd's high school processes the produce for its school lunches. Last year, the school used 18,000 pounds of local foods. Lakewood Health Systems in Staples is another major user of local foods, buying produce from growers and using it for meals in the hospital.

With an increasing number of growers using green houses to grow produce during the winter months, Schafer expects the refrigeration truck to be busy year round as the local foods movement continues to gain momentum in central Minnesota.

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RSDP Statewide Meeting

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