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Crosslake Community Teaching Gardens


Crosslake Community Teaching Gardens are a collection of educational garden areas open to the public and accessed by previous walkways. The gardens are designed to be representational and educational, providing a unique way to learn about local foods, natural forest foods, and environmental benefits of native landscaping and butterfly gardens. Solar energy will be used for some lighting and rainwater collection tanks will be used for some watering.


  • University of Minnesota
  • JM Plein Consulting
  • St. Mathias Farm
  • Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Association
  • US Army Corps of Engineers - Crosslake
  • Linda Ulland Estate


  1. Plan power and water lines, pathways and signage.
  2. Plan garden layout and design.
  3. Install power and water lines, pathway and garden perimeter layouts.
  4. Contract with local artisans to create butterfly garden statuary and signage.
  5. Conduct a series of meetings to select plants for the five garden areas.
  6. Develop an online blog.
  7. Solicit volunteers for spring work groups and set up work dates and task lists.
  8. Order materials and plants. Set delivery dates.
  9. Install signage, statuary, and any remaining power or water lines.
  10. Plant gardens.
  11. Release information to the media.


  1. Increase public awareness of the importance of environment stewardship.
  2. Create a destination site for tourists.
  3. Contribute toward economically robust area communities with the aspect of a healthy environment interwoven into that growth and strength.



Leveraged Resources

Linda Ulland Estate - $11,000; JM Plein Consulting - $600; Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway Association - $300; Crosslake Lions Club - $20,000

Last updated 6-30-2015
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