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Indoor Food Production


The project team will host a regional summit on Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) focused primarily on different methods of “ponics” production. This will include hydroponic and aquaponic production as well as less known methods such as aeroponics and fogponics. These methods of food production have tremendous opportunity to expand local food production year around, providing healthy and nutritious vegetables throughout most of the year in our cold climate. Ponics, like all local food production, has the potential to contribute to local economies and support rural economic development.



  1. Organize speakers / presentations.
  2. Promote event to public, UMN/ CLC students and interested producers.
  3. Host Educational CEA Summit.
  4. Organize grower network session at Summit.
  5. Organize technical / educational curriculum session at Summit.


  1. Increased knowledge and production of CEA produce / product.
  2. Exchange of information and knowledge.
  3. Increased investment and economic development in CEA production.
  4. Greater awareness of CEA in the community.
  5. Development of CEA grower network in Minnesota.
  6. Collaboration on professional development programs by multiple stakeholders.



Leveraged resources

Registration/vendor fees - $2,100; Happy Dancing Turtle in-kind - $500; Barry's Cherries/Roots Value in-kind - $500; Central Lakes College & University of Minnesota in-kind - $2000

Project start date: 08/2015
Project end date: 3/2016

Last updated 12-23-2015
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