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Community Wind/Solar Hybrid Project Study/Review


Conduct a feasibility study for the development of a wind/solar hybrid project for the cities of Audubon and Frazee. The study would analyze community costs, benefits and opportunities associated with the pilot project.



  1. Vet Feasibility Study Analysis
  2. Conduct a feasibility study will better inform local communities about project costs and benefits.
  3. Disseminate results to communities via a community meeting in either Audubon and/or Frazee.


  1. Audubon has approved moving forward with conducting a Feasibility Study at a cost of $25,000 to the community.
  2. Frazee has approved moving forward with conducting a Feasibility Study at a cost of $25,000.
  3. Having impartial University of MN research conducted which can be replicated to build a clean resilient energy model that could be utilized for rural communities across the state.
  4. Vetting the feasibility analysis will provide for additional focus on the social economics (spin-off benefits) that won't be apparent from the pro forma. The communities need this to explore options that best utilize the wind/solar hybrid project for community benefit.
  5. A more informed community makes better decisions. Research findings will be relayed to communities and will start a conversation with residents and stakeholders as part of each community’s next step decision making process. Ultimately the desired outcome is a successful project/decision that works for each community.



Last updated 12-23-2015

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