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Pesticide tables

Karl Foord, Jeff Hahn and Michelle Grabowski


Chemical Pest controlled Trade name examples
Bacillus subtilis Anthracnose Serenade, AgraQuest, Inc.
copper octanoate*
copper sulfate*
liquid copper
Gray mold, Anthracnose Lily Miller Cueva Copper Soap
Fungicide Natural Guard Copper Soap
Elementals Garden Disease Control
Bonide Liquid Copper
myclobutanil Powdery mildew Spectracide Immunox Multi-Purpose Fungicide
sulfur Powdery mildew Lily Miller sulfur dust
Potassium bicarbonate Powdery mildew Greencure
captan Gray mold, Anthracnose Bonide Captan


Chemical Pests controlled Trade name examples
spinosad Spotted wing Drosophila Natural Guard Spinosad
malathion Tarnished plant bug, Strawberry weevil, Spotted wing Drosophila Ortho Max Malathion
carbaryl Tarnished plant bug, Strawberry weevil Garden Tech Sevin
permethrin Tarnished plant bug, Strawberry weevils Bonide Eight Vegetable Fruit and Flower Conc., Hi Yield Indoor/Outdoor broad use insecticide
iron phosphate Slugs Elementals Slug and Snail Killer, Safer Brand slug and snail bait, Bonide Slug Magic

*Repeat application of copper materials have caused phytotoxicity whose symptoms are the reddening of older leaves, slow plant growth, and yield reduction

Caution: Read all pesticide labels prior to use and follow all instructions. The information contained in this document is not a substitute for a pesticide label. Pesticide labels may change. Before using any pesticide, verify that it is labeled for use on strawberries. Trade names are for demonstration purposes only and do not imply endorsement by UMN Extension. Trade names may change over time. Products with the same active ingredient but different trade names should offer disease control as well.

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