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Spicy lights

Harold Pellett and Susan Moe

A new cold hardy color selection of the Northern Lights Azalea hybrids

spicy lights text over photo of flowers

Spicy Lights is a selection from hybrids having Rhododendron prinophyllum in their background. It matures at 6 feet in height and 8 feet in spread. In late May or early June Spicy Lights produces a floral display of 1 _" salmon-colored flowers that have a slight fragrance. Flower buds can withstand -35 degrees F. without injury in midwinter.

Azaleas require an acid soil for best growth. However, they can be grown successfully in soil of neutral pH if an ample amount of acid peat is used for backfilling around the roots and if the plants are fertilized once or twice annually with an acid fertilizer. Since azaleas have a fibrous shallow root system, they will need water during dry periods. A mulch will help retain moisture. Avoid poorly drained soils.

MR-02501 1984

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